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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Morning folks. 24 short hours ago I sat down here at the computer with absolutely no idea of what would take place in that period of time. I have had such a bitter taste in my mouth lately over the way things were going that I seriously wondered about the wisdom of continuing. No more wondering, I'm back, and glad to be here.

I had no conscious thought yesterday morning of starting this page, it just happened. Almost spooky, but maybe it was meant to be. Judging by the wonderful welcome back I got, it's very possible. I've said it many times and I'll say it again, I so much appreciate the support and encouragement you guys give me.

Now that I've separated the wheat from the chaff I'm looking forward to getting back to the way it was for a while. Since my "pecker" is rested maybe it's time for another Robert Service poem. In time I would also like to start another round of GWF. For the uninitiated, that's Guest Writer Friday. Also some truckin' stories, some humor, of course some Bush-whackin', QOTD, and a new feature: the WOTD. Each day I'll give you a word to guess the meaning of, and answer if you can, and I'll provide the answer the following post.

I'll give you an update on the home-front later to-day, but in the mean-time let's dive in:

The QOTD to-day is an honesty check:

You're selling your used car that has unidentifiable defects. (Humor allowed)

WOTD: Gynotikolobomassophile. (Think nuzzling)

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