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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Hi folks. Well, here I am apologizing again for something I really can't control. Twice this past week I've tried to put a little post up with no luck. The connection I have is so weak that either I can't get Blogger etc to open, or it times out. Thankfully I don't get much mail because it's the same there. Very frustrating!

It's obvious that a big ol' hiatus is in order, but I did want to try one more time to let you know that all is well here. We had a real hot spell for a few days but the weather now is just pleasant. I go off shopping once a week in the car, but other than that staying close to home. I manage to stay busy putzin' around the campsite, going for a walk with the dog, and sitting by the campfire most evenings. Suits me plumb fine.

My plans have not changed....stay here until about the first week of Oct., then off to Arizona for 6 months. I'll try once in a while to get on here and say Hi, but no promises made, no promises broken.

I don't see the 'Publishing may fail' notice yet, so here goes. Take care of yourselves.

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