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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Morning folks. Thought I'd better crawl out from under the porch to let you know that, just like Gunga Din, I'm hangin' in. Each time I say that things seem to be improving, Murphy's Law kicks in and it's back to square one, but I can say though that my resolve is as strong as ever.

Sorry about not checking in more often, or answering mail, but just like the ol' fella up top, I'm just holed up riding it out.

Thanks for your comments.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Morning folks. My, how time flies when you're not having any fun. I'm still tussling with you-know-who, but think that finally the light at the end of the tunnel isn't another train on it's way in.

Finally got out on my trusty steed for a head-clearing ride, and wondered where I was. This place went from not much going on, to wall-to-wall RVs. Hopefully this week I can get a few pictures to show you the madness, but no promises.

Sorry for such a pathetic offering but just wanted to let you know that, while not 100%, I'm definitely on the mend.

Hope you're all well, and as always, thanks for stopping by.

Take care.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Morning folks. One more piece of good news concerning my re-entry into couch-potatodom with the acquisition of the satellite dish, is that the TV set built in here is working great. I'm so glad now that I didn't throw it away, and as for not being able to turn it off and on manually, who cares, because I managed to program the remote that came with the package to do that.

So now instead of waiting the normal 2-3 minutes for someone to p*ss me off I can turn CNN on and Wolf Blitzer can get me fired up enough to face the day. Kidding! (sort of)

They've finally put the big tent up in the area known as Tyson's, and while it has brought a lot more vendors, or what I call 'woolie creatures', there really isn't the crowds I expected. I went over yesterday on the Quad to get some pictures, but since it's across the freeway the only place I could get up high enough was on the overpass and I couldn't safely stop there. So I'll walk over today and get some to show you, sheesh!.

The walk will probably do me some good because for the last week or so Timmy has been kickin' my butt. Enough so that if it keeps up I may cut my time here short and head back to B.C., because although I have extra health insurance I absolutely don't want to end up in a hospital down here. It's nowhere near panic time, just covering the bases.

I had been entertaining thoughts of staying down here full-time, with maybe heading for higher, cooler ground for 3 months during the summer, but this latest episode has put those thoughts way on the back burner. So unless something happens I'll be heading North anytime after the first week of April. Besides there are a lot of things I miss, like green grass, my car, water that you don't have to have trucked in, and shopping!!

Well, there you have it guys, my semi-weekly check in. Hope you're all well and that your week goes smoothly. See you Thursday.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Morning folks. Glad you stopped by, now I have some company while I stare at this blank page. Boy, talk about drillin' a dry hole, guess I'll just have to resort to some good ol'-fashioned natterin'.

I manage to stay busy enough with other things that I haven't really missed TV all that much, but after 3 months that is changing. I'm finding myself wanting at least the background noise it always provided, so once again I tried to buy a satellite dish and receiver here in town, and once again was refused because I'm Canadian. Their reasoning is that I will take it home with me, well d'uh! of course I take things home that I buy.

So after beating the bushes I finally found a dish, receiver, and remote, and will try to get the 'smart card' programmed this morning. Since I have an address here, my PO box, and a vehicle, the Quad, licensed here, I'm hoping it will work. What a bunch of nonsense to have to go through.

I also found a TV that will do in a pinch until I get to a store and find one to replace the one built in here. You know, the one I got mad at and punched the on/off button inside the set. Oops! heh heh

Also found a great set of ramps to drive the Bear up onto for servicing etc, because I'm not comfortable under there when it is just sitting on the hydraulic legs. What I had been doing was raise it on the legs, then block it, but they were just in the road. Now I can go under there and putz to my heart's content. Dave is a vehicle guy, he understands.

Can't seem to get HaloScan open to catch up on comments, so don't think I'm ignoring you. The back and forth on there is a big part of what I enjoy about this, in fact it's my way of keeping in touch because I hardly ever e-mail, except to answer any I receive of course.

Well, I think I did it, managed to get a post up, such as it is. Hope you're all well. The Good Lord willin', and the harness holds, I'll see you Monday. Take care guys.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Morning folks. Boy, it's sure nice to have my page back up and running. I'm not really sure of what happened, although I have an idea, but until I hear from my research assistant Huggy I'll just carry on like a man in his right mind.

Sort of caught me unawares though, so I'll just say that all is well with me. We're having a bit of weather here so I haven't been wandering too far from home on my trusty steed, in fact it's been downright nasty at times. The winds and rain seem to have stopped, so as soon as daylight breaks, hopefully the sun will finally show up. Think we caught the tail-end of the storm that battered California on the weekend.

Hope you're all well, thanks for your comments, and I'll see you on Thursday. Hopefully by then I can get my natterer fired up. Later guys.

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