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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Morning folks. Too often those words are used without much sincerity, but believe me, this is not one of those times. I truly am sorry for not letting you know how I'm doing, not answering e-mails, and causing concern.

There is nothing bad happening, just the opposite really, but I just hit a point where I had to prioritize my life. There were things bothering me to the point that I decided, perhaps unwisely, to withdraw and let things sort themselves out. It may have been selfish, but was necessary, and has worked. I've always known who and what I am, and if other people don't, so be it. As I mentioned before, although somewhat altered, life will go on.

As for how I'm doing, it couldn't be better. Workin' my heinie off and lovin' every minute of it. The owners of the Park and I get along so well that not only do I have my site looking great, but have taken an interest in the whole place. In fact I refer to myself as Jose', the undocumented worker. Darrell, the owner, has given me my own set of tools that I keep here at my place. Rakes, shovels, axe, power saw, wheelbarrow, etc. We've also had an excavator, grader, backhoe, and bob-cat working and have got so very much done. Opened 5 new sites, built a big retaining wall, and just finished leveling, laying top-soil, and 650 sq ft of sod at my place. It's too cloudy today to take pictures, but I will post some. I've even got a big pot of geraniums that I fuss over daily. Bark-mulch, top-soil, coffee grounds, ground up egg shells, and Miracle-Gro, boy you should see them grow!

When I'm not working (hah!) I grab my walking stick and off I go on the trails. When Bill was here (twice) I took him on a hike, and I think he'd tell you, you have to be part mountain goat on some of them.

As for Timmy, I simply have no time for him. He can look after himself because that's what I'm doing. So much for being given the kiss of death almost 6 years ago. I fully realize that I'm not bullet-proof, but by God when it comes to toughness, a two-dollar steak has nothing on me. I do not say that braggingly, but that mindset is what keeps me going.

I don't often fire up the 'puter, but when I did today and saw the comments, e-mails, etc, I felt ashamed. SORRY!! I'll do better. You guys deserve better.

See you soon, and thanks so much for hangin' in with me. Much appreciated!

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