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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Morning folks. Sorry for being AWOL the past couple of weeks, but I ran into something that threw me off my feed. It's a bit too personal to discuss but I've worked my way through it, and although somewhat altered, life will go on.

The trip down was for the most part successful. Got the important things done and even managed to attend 2 rugby and 1 baseball game that my grandson played in, quite well in fact. Didn't get to see this particular game, but his rugby team played a team from England in Vancouver, and darned if he didn't get most valuable player in the entire game award. Very proud!

Made it back here safely just in time for some (for the time of year) record-setting cold. Many nights at -10C, or lower, water and sewer frozen, more snow than I needed, and even had the power go out one night.

Since I try to stay active regardless, I managed to goof around enough to get a beaut of a cold. Still feel like something the cat coughed up but I seem to be on the mend. Oh well, as Johnny Cash said, this world is rough, and if a man's going to make it he's got to be tough.

Hope you're all well, and I'll try not to be such a stranger.

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