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Monday, March 17, 2008

Morning folks, and to those of you lucky enough to be born Irish as I, have a wonderful day.

As for me I don't have anything planned, just putzin' away while biding my time before heading North. At my age the calendar pages flip by too fast, and that has certainly been the case this winter, but with a great spot to spend the summer, and a return to here in October, I'm fine with it.

The barbeque went well last week. Not really knowing anyone in the crowd of 30 or so, I broke the ice by introducing myself as the Token Canadian, then pitched in and helped set up tables, chairs, etc. Not wanting to get too far away from the goodies I offered to run the grill, and that worked out real good. I was well fed!

I decided to put the Quad up for sale, but not really try to sell it, if that makes any sense. That didn't work out worth a darn, because I'm now walking.

I had it looking like it just came out of a showroom, so I made up a little For Sale sign, stuck it on the back of the carrier, parked it out on the street, and 35 minutes later I watched it being driven away by it's new owner. Good Lord, I'm in the wrong business.

There were a couple of thoughts involved, one being that with having the car when I return I wouldn't be using it near as much, and the other was in relation to Timmy. If my health was to go sideways and I couldn't return, what would become of it? I'm trusting to a point, but....

Going up to Parker this morning, with the buyer, to notarize the sale and cancel my registration and insurance. Since I'm now without wheels I'll do enough shopping to get me by until I leave (12 days). I've already arranged for my phone service to be put in hibernation until I return. The cost is only $4.50/month, I keep the same number, and don't have to pay an installation charge to turn it back on. I have enough credit coming back to cover it, so it's a no-brainer. The TV satellite I'll keep on and use it up there.

The only other detail is my PO box, and the manager lady will keep it emptied of flyers etc, since I won't really have anything important coming.

Ah, what the heck, let's natter some more. While I've been taking care of business here, my bud Bill the Barber has also been on the job. He has found me a car-dolly for my "ride", so that detail is looked after. We're also making plans for him to come up a few times to spend the weekend. He has a son building a house not far from where I'll be, so he'll be able to help out a bit there, get his fishing in, and spend some time at Chez Bear. All coming together.

Okay, before I wear my welcome out, I wish you all a good week, and I'll probably see you Thursday. Thanks for stopping by.

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