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Friday, March 28, 2008

Morning folks. It seems the more things change, the more they stay the same. I've just been notified that the problem at the RV park in Clinton has been solved, so after making arrangements to stay in White Rock, it's back to Plan A. I'll still be down there of course, but first will get the Bear settled, retrieve my car, etc.

I had planned on leaving here tomorrow but since I've got things all ready for travel, I'm going to pull out this morning. If nothing else it gives me an extra day in case of any problems along the road.

If all goes as expected I should be back on here next Friday, unless I find a wireless connection to poach on the way up. Wish me well.

Thanks for hanging in with me during this rather dry spell of posting. Hopefully we can get back to the old ways, because frankly I miss it. See you soon.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Morning folks. Well, the countdown begins in earnest, 5 more days and I have to reluctantly leave here. A bummer in so many ways, especially since the weather is just wonderful. Oh well.

There has been a slight change of plans. I've been contacted by the RV park that I was heading for telling me of a problem. Seems their septic system is so frozen it has to be dug up, thereby delaying the opening of the park until May 1st. So it looks like I'll head for White Rock and hope to find a place to squat for a month while I do my business.

Once my chores are done I'll find a way up to Clinton and retrieve my car, bring it down, buy the dolly, and when I get the word, hit the road. Upon second thought it might be better to do the car bit first, but however, it will all get done.

The park here is emptying fast, by the end of the week we will have gone from a high of 32 regular tenants, to just 8 that stay here year-round. As much as I've enjoyed my time here, with all I've learned I'm really looking forward to returning.

Just wanted to let you know that all is well with me. As always, hope you're all well, and thanks for stopping by. See you on Friday.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Morning folks. The trip up to Parker on Monday went well...real well! After getting our business done, including filling out forms for refunds on license and insurance on the Quad, we headed for the store. Guess what I found......SHRIMP! Needing something to make up for the loss of my trusty steed, I'm now happily gnawing away at 4 lbs of soul food. Damn, they're good!

The weather is not making it any easier to leave here, it is just so nice. Especially when I see that it is still snowing where I'm heading. It can't happen because of my medical coverage, but I am so tempted to say the heck with it, and stay. Of course without a passport I can't even get on a plane to go up and retrieve my car, but you can bet when I do return I'll have things in order. I'm thinking 8 months here and 4 in B.C.

If it surprised some of you that I sold the Quad, it would shock you if you knew what I'm thinking about doing with the Bear. A hint....I can buy a 32' trailer, with a good-sized outside breeze room, in place here at the Park, for what it will cost me just in gas to drive the Bear to Clinton and back. Add to that the fact that 6 months site rent up there would pay 3 years rent here, well....I'm thinking. Still a lot of homework to do, but there could be some changes coming. Nothing will happen this cycle, but when I come back things might change.

The thing that I appreciate so much is that I'm in a position to contemplate things like this, all without jeopardizing the life I have now. Truly fortunate!

So there you have it, and as you can see, things are plumb fine with me. Hope you all have a good weekend, and I'll see you Monday. Now I'll get my lazy keister over to answer your appreciated comments.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Morning folks, and to those of you lucky enough to be born Irish as I, have a wonderful day.

As for me I don't have anything planned, just putzin' away while biding my time before heading North. At my age the calendar pages flip by too fast, and that has certainly been the case this winter, but with a great spot to spend the summer, and a return to here in October, I'm fine with it.

The barbeque went well last week. Not really knowing anyone in the crowd of 30 or so, I broke the ice by introducing myself as the Token Canadian, then pitched in and helped set up tables, chairs, etc. Not wanting to get too far away from the goodies I offered to run the grill, and that worked out real good. I was well fed!

I decided to put the Quad up for sale, but not really try to sell it, if that makes any sense. That didn't work out worth a darn, because I'm now walking.

I had it looking like it just came out of a showroom, so I made up a little For Sale sign, stuck it on the back of the carrier, parked it out on the street, and 35 minutes later I watched it being driven away by it's new owner. Good Lord, I'm in the wrong business.

There were a couple of thoughts involved, one being that with having the car when I return I wouldn't be using it near as much, and the other was in relation to Timmy. If my health was to go sideways and I couldn't return, what would become of it? I'm trusting to a point, but....

Going up to Parker this morning, with the buyer, to notarize the sale and cancel my registration and insurance. Since I'm now without wheels I'll do enough shopping to get me by until I leave (12 days). I've already arranged for my phone service to be put in hibernation until I return. The cost is only $4.50/month, I keep the same number, and don't have to pay an installation charge to turn it back on. I have enough credit coming back to cover it, so it's a no-brainer. The TV satellite I'll keep on and use it up there.

The only other detail is my PO box, and the manager lady will keep it emptied of flyers etc, since I won't really have anything important coming.

Ah, what the heck, let's natter some more. While I've been taking care of business here, my bud Bill the Barber has also been on the job. He has found me a car-dolly for my "ride", so that detail is looked after. We're also making plans for him to come up a few times to spend the weekend. He has a son building a house not far from where I'll be, so he'll be able to help out a bit there, get his fishing in, and spend some time at Chez Bear. All coming together.

Okay, before I wear my welcome out, I wish you all a good week, and I'll probably see you Thursday. Thanks for stopping by.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Morning folks. Well, my time here is quickly winding down, too quickly in fact. In 2 weeks and 2 days I'll be on the road again, and frankly for the first time in my life it's not a trip I'm looking forward to. The drive up is not the problem, it's just that this place has grown on me, to the point that I really don't want to leave. Oh well.

The last few days I've been in full putz mode going over the Bear from stem to stern. Greased it, changed the oil, oil filter, air filter, gas filter, and the part that tore my hands up, topping up the master cylinder. What a totally ignorant place to put it. Also serviced the Quad and adjusted the steering.

Spent a couple of hours flushing the holding tanks out. After dumping the #2 tank (black water) I poured a full bottle of cheap dish soap down the toilet, filled the tank with water, then using the driver's door for leverage I rocked the Bear from side to side. Things went well until I went inside and saw the suds bubbling out of the bathroom sink and toilet. Oops! Now I've got a mobile carpet cleaner coming, but the tank is clean!

I've got all the windows done, inside and out, all the wood rubbed down with furniture polish, and while the carpet guy is here I'll get the upholstery done. Sheesh, I'd make somebody a good wife...NOT! Whoa, that's kind of a chauvinistic comment, but you know what I mean.

Been invited to a barbeque today, and I'm taking a (blush) date. When I learned that everyone going was paired up, I declined, but then the manager lady told me I wasn't getting out of it that easily. Drat, I'm trapped!

Okay guys, there you have it. Have yourselves a good weekend, and as always, thanks for stopping by.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Morning folks. As is too often the case here lately I have to start off with a mea culpa. No pictures because I forgot the damn camera. Had the batteries in the charger all night, loaded them in the camera when I got up, hung it by the door, and never gave it another thought until we spotted some flowering cacti on the trip to Algodones. D'oh!

As for the trip it went real well, although I learned something at the border that has caused a slight change of plans for me. Since I crossed into the US on Oct 3rd, it is imperative I be back at the border no later than midnite Apr 2nd (6 months). So I'll be leaving here on Sat Mar 29th, which will give me plenty of time to get up there. It only takes 3 days, so with 5 I have time to stop and put new tires on the front of the Bear, and still have a cushion in case of any trouble along the trail.

Now that the weather is what you'd expect here I spend my days outside in shorts and sandals, and as I said before, I really don't want to leave. When I come back in the fall (hopefully) I'll have things arranged so that I can stay here about 8 months. Although I'm happy with the site I've been in here, when I come back they're giving me a much larger site that I will rent on an annual basis.

I've been in touch with the RV park that I reserved a spot in before I left Clinton, and also the place where my car is stored, and all is in order. Although I had a tough couple of months things are coming together nicely. Feeling better all the time and really looking forward to the next adventure.

As always, hope you're all doing well, and thanks for stopping by.

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Morning folks. I had hoped to post a few pictures of my trip down to Mexico, but it was postponed until today, so I should have something for Monday. Probably just as well because I didn't have a great day yesterday, but seem to be okay now.

I never have been able to sleep very much, 4-5 hrs tops, but lately I have to put 2 or 3 shifts in to even get that much done. Along with Timmy it wears you down after a while. Since I'll be leaving here in a few weeks, maybe a change of scenery and a few days behind the wheel will help. Otherwise I might have to consider a plaything whilst in the boudoir. Oh give me a break!

Kind of a pathetic post, but I just wanted to pop in and say hey-howdy. Hope you're all well, and I'll see you Monday, unless of course I meet a "plaything" south of the border. Alright, you can go now. Sheesh!

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Monday, March 03, 2008

Morning folks. While I still have a ways to go before being remotely called kick-ass, I'm happy to report that I'm merrily making progress along the trail. With the weather finally returning to what is expected from this part of the country, what a treat it is to be able to spend time outside with things like fussin' with the Bear. Also going for a ride on my trusty steed wearing only shorts, woo-hoo! Gotta work on my tan before heading back to the frozen North.

With only 5 weeks left before my planned departure another little problem has cropped up, I don't want to go. For all my griping, I have to admit that the place has kind of grown on me. We really do have a tight little community here in the park. Can't tell you the number of times people have come around to see how I'm doing. Much appreciated.

I have considered staying here, but with medical coverage, and possible immigration issues, I will be leaving but when I hopefully return in the fall it might be for a longer stay. I'm going to leave the Quad here in storage, and on my return I'll bring the car, so I'll be all set.

Heading back down to Algodones on Wednesday with my neighbor. Not only do I enjoy the drive, but also getting some shopping done in Yuma.

So there you have it guys, things are definitely looking up. Let's hope it continues. As always, thanks for stopping by. Have a good week, probably see ya Thursday.

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