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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Morning folks. Okay Judles, here are a few pics, in no particular order. I took 20 yesterday, but had so much trouble loading them on here that I just took whatever would come up. (After 2 hrs of trying). I pay $30/mo for wireless, and it bites the big one. The speed is usually 2 or 3 Mbps.

Anyhoo, this first one shows the view out my living room window. That's the south end of Clinton, and the road coming in from the left is the main highway. I love sitting here and watching the trucks roll by, still got the bug. You'll notice the damage the Mountain Pine Beetle is doing on the hill. (Don't forget to click to embiggen)

This one is part of the retaining wall I helped build. It doesn't look that high, but when you're lifting 12' 6x6's, believe me it's a hoist. Good exercise though.

Here's the little ladies making my eggs for brekky. Real big brown eggs, with deep yellow yolks. I've got a 1-gallon jar with 3 dozen pickled eggs in it, they're good aren't they Bill?

This is a spot to, as the sign says, Sit and Chat. It's by a waterfall with a pond that I picked up 12 feeder fish for last week.

This of course is the office. There is usually hanging pots of plants across the front, but they take them down at night in case the wind comes up.

I'll put lots more up in time, but just wanted to give a little glimpse of where I am. Too bad the others wouldn't come up, but I'll get them eventually.

Going to take a little break, see ya next Monday. Stay well.

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