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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Morning folks. I arrived here in Clinton last evening, safe and sound. Although the Bear performed like a champion, I'm glad I left Quartzsite a day early. The route I took was the shortest, but also the hilliest, and I got caught in some major snow storms. I actually lost a day digging and scratching my way up some of the passes and slip sliding down the other side.

When I left it was 90F, but within 48 hrs it was 18F, then the weather got bad. Talk about a baptism by fire! But all's well, finally got through it, gave the Bear a bath, and continued on my merry way.

The temp here right now is 28F, but surprisingly it's quite cosy in here with only a small space heater running. Ah, it won't be long before it warms up at night.

Well, lots to do today. When I pulled in last night I was draggin' butt and didn't do much except plug in (power, water, sewer) but as soon as the sun arrives I'll start setting the Bear up properly. Also retrieve my car and pick up some groceries. I kept things to a mininum in here, but still they confiscated any fruits and vegetables at the border. Sheesh!

Looking forward to getting settled in, and will post some pictures of my summer squat soon. If all goes well I'll head down to White Rock on Sunday and get my chores started (taxes, doctors, visits, etc). Probably see you on Sunday, if not before.

Hope you're all well, and as always, thanks for stopping in.

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