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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Morning folks. Sorry for being AWOL the past couple of weeks, but I ran into something that threw me off my feed. It's a bit too personal to discuss but I've worked my way through it, and although somewhat altered, life will go on.

The trip down was for the most part successful. Got the important things done and even managed to attend 2 rugby and 1 baseball game that my grandson played in, quite well in fact. Didn't get to see this particular game, but his rugby team played a team from England in Vancouver, and darned if he didn't get most valuable player in the entire game award. Very proud!

Made it back here safely just in time for some (for the time of year) record-setting cold. Many nights at -10C, or lower, water and sewer frozen, more snow than I needed, and even had the power go out one night.

Since I try to stay active regardless, I managed to goof around enough to get a beaut of a cold. Still feel like something the cat coughed up but I seem to be on the mend. Oh well, as Johnny Cash said, this world is rough, and if a man's going to make it he's got to be tough.

Hope you're all well, and I'll try not to be such a stranger.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Morning folks. Since I'm trying to get back to the way things used to be on here, and it being Sunday, I thought it time for L'il Bear to make an appearance. He doesn't seem any the worse for his absence, but then he always did have a way of handling adversity....have a big ol' nap.

Now for the news, and it's mostly all good. After taking the car for a good run, and going over it with a fine-toothed comb, with the work done so far it's mechanically sound. I am going to have to replace the tires soon, and to that end I've got the insurance agent in a head-lock, but I'm not hopeful. Oh well, live a lot, learn a little.

As for my surroundings, although I've only been here a short time, it's already seeming like home. The more I walk around the place, the more I'm sure I made the right choice. The owners are wonderful people, hard-working and genuine.

I've made friends with the permanent residents, not the least of whom is the owner's dog, Luke. What a hoot! He'll come up to my place with a pine cone in his mouth, drop it on the mat outside the door, and wait for me to come out and play fetch. If I'm already outside he'll get a stick, drop it at my feet, and off we go on a walk. Yesterday after our walk I sat in a chair outside and he came up, licked my face, then lay by my feet until I went inside. Oh, by the way, he's a perfect specimen of German Shepherd.

As soon as I finish banging this out and send it to the presses, it's shower time, pack my bag, and head out to see my ex-beloved, Betty Boop. I'm leaving real early because I want to stop at the first car wash and spend some TLC time on the car. Was going to do it here but it's still a bit cool, and I don't have a long enough hose, so I'd be carrying water in a pail. Hey, I heard that crack about the hose!

Won't have an internet connection down there, but I should be back by Thursday and give you an update then. Looking forward to dinner tonight, Boop is cooking up my favorite, a big ol' roast of pork. I know, I'm spoiled, and I love it! To show my appreciation, I'll let her dig around in my pocket for loose change, or whatever she might find while in there.

Have yourselves a good week, wish me luck, and I'll see you when I get back.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Morning folks. As down as I was last post about the car, I am so happy to report that it can be picked up this morning. Had a visit here at the Bear late yesterday from the owner of the shop, and after much discussion, there will be no charge from him. He appreciated my leaving him to handle things, and I of course appreciate how he did so. For once I kept my cool, and it worked. Lesson learned!

What I might find when I take it out on the road, I'll deal with then. It will probably never feel the same to me, but damn it's going to be nice to get it back.

The timing couldn't have been better, because I was just about out of food, and the weather turned real nasty. -8C, a dump of snow, water and sewer froze up, and me with a serious case of cabin fever. Actually I went for a walk down the hill yesterday in the snow, and because I wasn't chained up I fell and went boom. So I just lay back and grinned, figuring I might just as well lie there and wait for the next damn thing to happen.

So there you have it guys, things are definitely looking up. Hopefully it won't be long and I'll be out on the boulevard cruisin' for chickarinos in the Caddy, or looking for something to eat. Pringles are not the breakfast of champions, and if I have to eat one more baloney sandwich I'm going to cancel my subscription to this adventure.

Hope you're all well, and I'll say goodbye before heading down to White Rock. Probably Sunday.

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Morning folks. Kind of a good news-bad news day. First the promised here are a few shots of my summer squat. Although the cloudiness of the day make these seem a bit bleak, believe me, I am quite happy here. The green will come in time, heck there's still snow on the ground, but for now I'm doing plumb fine.

One of the things I like about my site is that it's the only one at the top of the Park, meaning of course I have no neighbors. As in....privacy! If I want to sit at the picnic table and greet the day by giving the lads a good scratchin'....okay, we get the point, sheesh!

As soon as the weather allows the owners are going to either seed the center area, or lay sod.

Now for the bad news, and I'm still heart-sick about it. When I made the decision to leave the car here in storage, instead of dragging it down to Arizona to bake in the sun, I thought it was the right thing to do. Instead it has turned out to be a disaster.

I'm still too tore up about it to go into details, but bottom line, the car is not running, and the quickest I might get it back is next Friday. I left a perfect vehicle, and am now looking at a bill of approx $2500 to get back a car I'm not sure I want. It's bad folks! I won't make any rash decisions (hah!) but I might just walk away from it. You all know how I feel about my "baby", well, if you could see it now you'd understand.

Okay, enough whining, there's plenty of good to outweigh the bad. I'm here safe and sound, the Bear is in great shape, got a nice spot to spend the summer, and the sun is still rising in the east.

Bit of a bummer not being able to go down to White Rock today, but things will eventually work themselves out. I know I was too attached to that car, but damn, I would sooner take a lickin' than what I'm going through now. Okay, enough!

Hope your week goes well, and hope mine gets better. See you all later.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Morning folks. I arrived here in Clinton last evening, safe and sound. Although the Bear performed like a champion, I'm glad I left Quartzsite a day early. The route I took was the shortest, but also the hilliest, and I got caught in some major snow storms. I actually lost a day digging and scratching my way up some of the passes and slip sliding down the other side.

When I left it was 90F, but within 48 hrs it was 18F, then the weather got bad. Talk about a baptism by fire! But all's well, finally got through it, gave the Bear a bath, and continued on my merry way.

The temp here right now is 28F, but surprisingly it's quite cosy in here with only a small space heater running. Ah, it won't be long before it warms up at night.

Well, lots to do today. When I pulled in last night I was draggin' butt and didn't do much except plug in (power, water, sewer) but as soon as the sun arrives I'll start setting the Bear up properly. Also retrieve my car and pick up some groceries. I kept things to a mininum in here, but still they confiscated any fruits and vegetables at the border. Sheesh!

Looking forward to getting settled in, and will post some pictures of my summer squat soon. If all goes well I'll head down to White Rock on Sunday and get my chores started (taxes, doctors, visits, etc). Probably see you on Sunday, if not before.

Hope you're all well, and as always, thanks for stopping in.

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