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Monday, June 16, 2008

Morning folks. Thought I'd better drop in and say Hi before I get yelled at again. Kidding! Seriously, I wish I could get over this little hump and get back to things the way they used to be, it was fun for me. Things like Bushwhackin', Saturday Chuckles, L'il Bear Sundays, etc. Oh well, just stay at it, things will eventually come around.

On a much lighter note I had a wonderful weekend. Bill the Barber showed up on Friday, boat in tow, with my fishing rod and reel and tackle box loaded up. After a nice visit we both turned in, he in his rigged up van where he is comfortable, and me of course in the Bear. Boy, can he sleep!

I was up at my usual ridiculous time, coffee pot ready, outside light turned on so he'd know I was up, and 5 hours later he finally crawled out. Good for him, wish I could sleep like that. Anyway, got him coffeed up, our gear together, and off we went to the lake.

After 4 hours of trying different lures, both trolling and drifting, neither one of us had a nibble, but it didn't matter. It was a treat to get out there, at least it was until I messed up. Instead of feeding about 30' of line out by hand after changing lures, I decided to reverse the reel and spin it out, not realizing the weight I was using was too light for that. What a bird's -nest of line! Dumbass! Finally had to cut it off. Sheesh!

Came back home, had a nice walk around the campground, went to town for lunch, then spent a few hours sitting out at the picnic table BSing. Finally, he decided to head for home at about 4:30 pm, so I got his travel mug filled up, thanked him for a great time, and off he went.

I had some more pictures, but they didn't turn out so well. This is the lake we were on, about a mile long and 1/4 mile wide.

This of course is Chez Bear, or as Bill calls it...Paradise. I can't tell you how peaceful it is here, not to mention how welcome the owners make me feel.

So there you are guys. As you can see, things are plumb fine with me. Hope you're all well, and would love if each and every one of you could stop by for a visit. See ya soon.

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