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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Morning folks. As down as I was last post about the car, I am so happy to report that it can be picked up this morning. Had a visit here at the Bear late yesterday from the owner of the shop, and after much discussion, there will be no charge from him. He appreciated my leaving him to handle things, and I of course appreciate how he did so. For once I kept my cool, and it worked. Lesson learned!

What I might find when I take it out on the road, I'll deal with then. It will probably never feel the same to me, but damn it's going to be nice to get it back.

The timing couldn't have been better, because I was just about out of food, and the weather turned real nasty. -8C, a dump of snow, water and sewer froze up, and me with a serious case of cabin fever. Actually I went for a walk down the hill yesterday in the snow, and because I wasn't chained up I fell and went boom. So I just lay back and grinned, figuring I might just as well lie there and wait for the next damn thing to happen.

So there you have it guys, things are definitely looking up. Hopefully it won't be long and I'll be out on the boulevard cruisin' for chickarinos in the Caddy, or looking for something to eat. Pringles are not the breakfast of champions, and if I have to eat one more baloney sandwich I'm going to cancel my subscription to this adventure.

Hope you're all well, and I'll say goodbye before heading down to White Rock. Probably Sunday.

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