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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Morning folks. Kind of a good news-bad news day. First the promised here are a few shots of my summer squat. Although the cloudiness of the day make these seem a bit bleak, believe me, I am quite happy here. The green will come in time, heck there's still snow on the ground, but for now I'm doing plumb fine.

One of the things I like about my site is that it's the only one at the top of the Park, meaning of course I have no neighbors. As in....privacy! If I want to sit at the picnic table and greet the day by giving the lads a good scratchin'....okay, we get the point, sheesh!

As soon as the weather allows the owners are going to either seed the center area, or lay sod.

Now for the bad news, and I'm still heart-sick about it. When I made the decision to leave the car here in storage, instead of dragging it down to Arizona to bake in the sun, I thought it was the right thing to do. Instead it has turned out to be a disaster.

I'm still too tore up about it to go into details, but bottom line, the car is not running, and the quickest I might get it back is next Friday. I left a perfect vehicle, and am now looking at a bill of approx $2500 to get back a car I'm not sure I want. It's bad folks! I won't make any rash decisions (hah!) but I might just walk away from it. You all know how I feel about my "baby", well, if you could see it now you'd understand.

Okay, enough whining, there's plenty of good to outweigh the bad. I'm here safe and sound, the Bear is in great shape, got a nice spot to spend the summer, and the sun is still rising in the east.

Bit of a bummer not being able to go down to White Rock today, but things will eventually work themselves out. I know I was too attached to that car, but damn, I would sooner take a lickin' than what I'm going through now. Okay, enough!

Hope your week goes well, and hope mine gets better. See you all later.

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