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Monday, March 24, 2008

Morning folks. Well, the countdown begins in earnest, 5 more days and I have to reluctantly leave here. A bummer in so many ways, especially since the weather is just wonderful. Oh well.

There has been a slight change of plans. I've been contacted by the RV park that I was heading for telling me of a problem. Seems their septic system is so frozen it has to be dug up, thereby delaying the opening of the park until May 1st. So it looks like I'll head for White Rock and hope to find a place to squat for a month while I do my business.

Once my chores are done I'll find a way up to Clinton and retrieve my car, bring it down, buy the dolly, and when I get the word, hit the road. Upon second thought it might be better to do the car bit first, but however, it will all get done.

The park here is emptying fast, by the end of the week we will have gone from a high of 32 regular tenants, to just 8 that stay here year-round. As much as I've enjoyed my time here, with all I've learned I'm really looking forward to returning.

Just wanted to let you know that all is well with me. As always, hope you're all well, and thanks for stopping by. See you on Friday.

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