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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Morning folks. Well, another good day on my way back to some kind of normalcy. My friend came around and we ended up going out for a leisurely breakfast, and great visit re-driving some of the many miles he and I ran together. Not only that but he brought a fellow with him that I knew from the Alaska Highway days, that unbeknownst to me has been here in Quartzsite all winter. They are both going off today, one to Phoenix, and one to Congress AZ, but will be back next week and we'll get together again.

I felt so good after the visit I jumped on my trusty steed and headed out to the desert to see how my pet rattler was doing. The poor little guy was so glad to see me that he wagged the rattle off his tail.

Yes, this is an actual rattle I found on the ground here in the park. I'm told it is from a 6 yr old snake. Now that the weather has really warmed up I'd better start being careful where I walk, or stick my hand.

Sure feels good to be getting back into the swing of things, let's hope it continues. Take care of yourselves, and I'll see ya later.

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