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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Morning folks. Glad you stopped by, now I have some company while I stare at this blank page. Boy, talk about drillin' a dry hole, guess I'll just have to resort to some good ol'-fashioned natterin'.

I manage to stay busy enough with other things that I haven't really missed TV all that much, but after 3 months that is changing. I'm finding myself wanting at least the background noise it always provided, so once again I tried to buy a satellite dish and receiver here in town, and once again was refused because I'm Canadian. Their reasoning is that I will take it home with me, well d'uh! of course I take things home that I buy.

So after beating the bushes I finally found a dish, receiver, and remote, and will try to get the 'smart card' programmed this morning. Since I have an address here, my PO box, and a vehicle, the Quad, licensed here, I'm hoping it will work. What a bunch of nonsense to have to go through.

I also found a TV that will do in a pinch until I get to a store and find one to replace the one built in here. You know, the one I got mad at and punched the on/off button inside the set. Oops! heh heh

Also found a great set of ramps to drive the Bear up onto for servicing etc, because I'm not comfortable under there when it is just sitting on the hydraulic legs. What I had been doing was raise it on the legs, then block it, but they were just in the road. Now I can go under there and putz to my heart's content. Dave is a vehicle guy, he understands.

Can't seem to get HaloScan open to catch up on comments, so don't think I'm ignoring you. The back and forth on there is a big part of what I enjoy about this, in fact it's my way of keeping in touch because I hardly ever e-mail, except to answer any I receive of course.

Well, I think I did it, managed to get a post up, such as it is. Hope you're all well. The Good Lord willin', and the harness holds, I'll see you Monday. Take care guys.

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