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Monday, December 17, 2007

Morning folks. I was going to mention that the weather here has cooled considerably, but after watching and reading about what a big part of North America is experiencing I think I'll stay quiet and be thankful of where I am. Aw what the heck, one little mention. I stepped out yesterday at 5:45 am to pick up my paper and let's just say I didn't stand and read the headlines under the stars. 32F! Damn, the poor lads have shriveled up enough from inactivity of late, but we're talking hibernation here.

On Friday I took my 2 sorry strings of lights down, clamps off, awnings up, unhooked water, sewer, phone/internet, and power, stowed things safely inside, and took the Bear for a drive. As much as I enjoy tooling around on the Baby Bear, it was nice to get a steering wheel back in my hands again. After sitting almost 2 1/2 months it fired up instantly, and after letting it warm up a bit, I took it for a good run. Performed like a champion, in fact I so wanted to just keep on truckin'. Putting me behind the wheel is like putting your hand in a glove. Oh well, come April I'll put some miles on the ol' girl.

Came back to town, filled the propane tank, hooked everything back up, and now I sit waiting for my company to arrive. Almost getting like a small child waiting for Santa and counting the sleeps. Not long now, next Sunday in fact. Come ooonnnn Sunday!

Been a little too cool to be riding out on the desert so I don't have any new pics, but I'll be taking lots next week. Not much planned except my Molly Maid routine... laundry, vacuuming, and laying in some goodies for the season. Might even get a bottle of bubbly or three.

Oh heck, I forgot to mention, we won't be having a Xmas dinner at the clubhouse. Bill, the manager, and my can-crushing assistant, died last week. Although I only knew him a short while, I came to like him, and will miss our daily visits. Since he and I were about the same age I have a lot of thoughts about this, but I'll talk about that another time.

Okay guys, just wanted to check in and say Hi, and let you know that all is well with me personally. Now, let's many more sleeps?

See ya Thursday. Take care.

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