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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Morning folks. I wasn't sure that I'd make it today after the mess I fought with on here yesterday. I just never seem to learn.

After talking with Judles about that blasted IE7, and how I had got rid of it, I decided to download the Google toolbar again. Bad move! I did get it on here just as Microsoft downloaded a bunch of updates, including a Java application. Within minutes everything was dark. I still don't have everything working, in fact quite surprised that I got this far. Whether or not it posts is another question.

I'd fuss with it for a while, get frustrated, go for a ride, think of something to try, come back, etc etc etc. The whole day went like that. I finally went in and started removing programs, even though the warnings not to kept popping up. Think I'll disable the Automatic updates, it can't get any worse.

As for finding help in this burg, good luck, it's hard enough to find food that's not more than a month past it's 'best by' date. Oh, and by the way Dave, I don't know how I did it but the screensaver is finally working. Okay, enough whining.

While admittedly this is a pretty sorry light display, I just wanted to show Jim and his wife that I'm sort of in the spirit. Of course my spirits will pick up considerably if my gift is bigger than a breadbox, hint hint. (insert smiley here)

Not real smart though because I've got to take them down before they get here, along with the clamps on the tarp part of the awning, to put it up, 'de-camp' and go for propane. Oh well, exercise.

Our weather has finally started to cool, big time, in fact yesterday morning it was warmer in White Rock than it was here. Had to get the one-piece woolies out, and practice opening the 'trap-door', cuz when nature calls me it doesn't whisper, it hollers "get your butt in here right now!" Aren't you glad I shared that? (insert big ol' smiley here)

Okay guys, have a good weekend, and I promise I'll have a better post for Monday, or not. Now, cross everything I've got and hope it posts. Here goes.....

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