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Friday, November 23, 2007

Morning folks. Since I use the one-fingered-hunt-and-peck method I'm not the fastest typist around, but this morning it's even slower. Either someone moved the table, or my waist has expanded, because I can hardly reach the keyboard. Think we both know the answer.

What a wonderful meal, and get-together, we had yesterday. As a traveling man I've eaten dishes from all over North America at one time or another, but to have them all in one place was something special. The ladies did themselves proud.

The menu is far too long to list, but things like South Carolina cornbread, oyster stuffing, candied yams, and every type of salad imaginable, is just a start. A couple from Arkansas cooked the monster ham, and it literally fell off the bone. Same with the turkey.

The only disappointing part is that by the time I sampled a little bit of everything, I had no room for dessert. In fact I had to come back to the Bear for a big ol' nap. But not to worry, they said they'd put some away for me and I can try the different pies etc today.

I did behave at dinner, but when I got into the mashed potatoes I had to keep telling myself that gravy is not a beverage. Damn it was good.

Since aquiring my trusty steed I haven't been doing much walking, but I think today I'll leave it tied up and use shank's pony. Won't be able to walk everything off, but hopefully enough that I can breathe.

Hope your dinners went as well, as I'm sure they did. Be back tomorrow with some chuckles, and on Sunday I've got a special treat, thanks to Judles.

Have a good weekend.

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