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Friday, November 16, 2007

Morning folks. It will be 6 weeks tomorrow since I arrived here, and today I finally get to go to the 'city'. The fellow that offered me the ride to Parker is picking me up this morning, so I'm making my list and checking it twice.

First of course is renewing the license and registration for the next year on the Quad. It's in my name, but we just let the current ones run out. Also renew the insurance for a year, and buy a skid lid.

Next will be a new TV. It bothers me to have to throw this one out simply because I can't find anyone to fix the sound problem, but stuff happens. I've got a dish and receiver lined up, so I'll finally have some background noise in here instead of listening to myself griping about something or other.

Then if I have any money left I'll hit the grocery store to buy something to gnaw on while I'm cursing Wolf Blitzer for being such a twit.

On a funny note I get such a kick out of that Google ad at the top of the page. Each time I refer to Baby Bear as my "trusty steed" an ad pops up for horseback riding. I should start coming up with different terms to see what happens. I've mentioned before that I'd remove that thing but I'm afraid to mess with the template. I did get one off, but I don't want to push my luck.

With the US dollar still falling against most major currencies I'd like to know what Dumya has on our stone-cold leader to cause our dollar to lose just about all of it's gains in the last few days. 9 cents in 4 days. We keep hearing about the coming oil shortage, so with Canada sitting on literally oceans of it, along with natural gas, WTF is going on?

Well, I guess I'd better start getting ready. Think I'll stand all my T-shirts up, and the first one to fall over will be the one I wear today. Hey, it worked for years on the road.

Not sure about Sunday, but tomorrow I'll have another edition of Saturday Chuckles, thanks to Jim. There is one that I'm debating on whether to put up, but it's so damn funny I probably will.

Have a good weekend guys .

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