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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Morning folks. After mentioning yesterday about my hot water tank I did go to the RV supply store and bought the anode rod that fits into the tank, along with a flushing tool to clean it out first. While there I took a picture of what the rod looks like after 2 months in this water. Hard to believe.

I also took pictures of some other things I think you'll find interesting at a vendors, and thought I had my post for today. But then something happened that proves that if you just hang in with your convictions, be patient, that good things will happen.

I came back home, changed into my comfys, and was preparing to flush the tank when I heard an ATV pull up. It was the fellow that loaned me the remote, and what he had done is go and get this unit that he knew was for sale, and bring it to me to check out.

I checked it over, came in and got dressed, and 2 hours later this 2002 Honda Recon ES was bought and paid for, sale notarized, registered, licensed and insured, and heading down the wash with me hollerin' YeeHaw!!

Now tell me how stupid I was not to bring my car down to bake in the sun. And it gets even better. On my way home after running up to the truck stop I met the fellow that installed my phone. Since he's around this area a lot we've become friends, and after stopping to say Hi to him and him looking the quad over, he asked that I give him first crack at it if I don't take it North in April. At the price I paid for it! Plus our dollar hit $1.09 today. Call it luck, timing, whatever, I call it sticking to your convictions.

I can't tell you how happy I am with the way this all turned out. I want that sun to hurry up and rise, because I'm going riding! Damn I feel good about this. As for the pictures I was going to post I'll put them up tomorrow. And also as for going North in April I may have some big news about that soon. May hell, I've got some news but I'll leave it for another time. I will say this much though, it's a continuance of how well things are going for me right now, and I'm so glad to be able to share.

Hey, I've got headlights and tail-light, to heck with waiting for the sun, I'm saddlin' up. Thanks for listening, and I'll see ya tomorrow.

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