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Friday, November 02, 2007

Morning folks. Well, I found the problem with the router, but since things aren't really broken I'm not going to fix them. All I would gain by returning the router to factory default, and re-programming it would be getting rid of one cable. Not worth it. The high-speed DSL I have here through the modem is super good, so why mess with it.

What seems to have happened is Sparky used a password that I don't have when he set it up. I guess I'm partly to blame for not getting it, but he was such a space cadet in some ways that I'm surprised I got half of what I did. He was able to type HTML code at such a speed that he would completely lose me. He'd lose himself sometimes too, it's taken me months to straighten up the mess he left the last time. Anyway, no biggie, all is well.

Anyway, with that little problem solved I've now got to tell you of another, that being that sometimes I think I'm too stupid to live. Here's the embarrassing tale......

Each morning I head off on my walk with my 1 gallon water jug, and as usual, yesterday I hit a few vendors, stopped at the store, picked up a couple of things, filled my jug (30 cents/gal), and merrily made my way home. Got home, put my things away, got into my comfys, and was sitting outside when I started thinking that the 35-40 gallons of water I had in the tank here in the Bear might get stagnant sitting in the heat for 5-6 months. No problemo, got my pail, opened the drain valve, filled it, dumped it around my orange tree, repeated the process, and was sitting watching the 3rd pail fill when it hit me.

I've been packing water home in the heat, including one day carrying a 5-gallon jug AND a 24-pack of Coke, when all along I've had good water that I brought down with me sitting right here. I'm not sure that I should be allowed out on my own. I just can't believe that it took that long for the light to go on. Oh well, with my tank coming in about a week I guess my water packing days are over.

So with the 5-gallon jug full in the shed, a gallon sitting on the counter, 21 bottles in the cupboard, 6 bottles in the fridge, and about 30 gallons in the tank, I think the drought is over. I'm still shaking my head over this, but I guess it's just one more of life's embarrassing moments.

Well, I think I'll have me a nice big glass of COLD CANADIAN WATER! With that I'll bid you all a good weekend, and if you want to stop by it will be the usual here. Take care.

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