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Friday, October 26, 2007

Morning folks, and thank you! Especially to my little babushka for the great job she did on the graphics. I'm glad I wasn't able to embiggen the moonies, that might have been just a tad much.

I never did get up to Parker, I was told almost at the last moment that the bus was full. Since I'm pretty well stocked with food etc, that part didn't bother me, but I so wanted to buy a universal remote for my TV in the hopes that I can turn it on after my little boo-boo with the on/off button. I also wanted to shop for an ATV, because I've about given up on finding a suitable beater around here. The more I see them running around here, the more sense they make for me. I could do my shopping etc, but also go off into the desert and ride the trails. Find a little trailer for it and take it back north with me in the spring. Having never bought one I really don't know what to expect price-wise, but if I can find one that's reasonable I'll probably buy it.

As for what I did to celebrate the big day, well, what I do most days. Walked up town, did my chores, and spent a relaxing day here. Besides, it was too hot to do much, 106F at noon. In fact I never even had a cold one, there's still 25 left in the 30-pack I bought 2 weeks ago. The Bear ain't exactly party central. One thing I did enjoy though was the phone calls, very nice.

The heat doesn't bother me too much, besides it will start cooling soon. I'm still not running the A/C, but the shower sure gets used. So here I am, all clean, chores done, and boring. After the life I've led I'm enjoying every minute of the boredom. It will be 3 weeks tomorrow that I've been here, and with the truck that would have meant about 12,000 miles, but the Bear hasn't moved an inch. Yep, I can handle this.

Once again, thank you all. I'll try to find some clean(er) jokes for tomorrow, and L'il Bear will be here on Sunday to talk about Dixie. Have a great weekend!

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