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Friday, October 19, 2007

Morning folks. Well, another fruitful day on my walk yesterday. First, I signed up for a charter bus trip to Laughlin NV on Nov 15th. They'll pick me up here at my site, go up to the casinos, spend the day, and return to my site at 10pm. The cost? $15. Who needs a car? Also thinking about a day trip to the San Diego Zoo for $89, including admission.

Then at the store, I lucked out again and got a ride back to the Bear, but far more importantly, I learned something that is going to save me about $300/month.

I smoke cigarettes. I'm not particularly proud of it, nor am I particularly ashamed of it. I'm not convinced that they are worse than the diesel fumes I breathed for years, or the chemicals I hauled that would turn my skin red while unloading, or any other number of things we ingest. Or hauling crude oil with H2S gas in it that was so dangerous that you couldn't take a breath while around the vent pipe on your tank, because as I was taught on the course I took, you'll only get one good breath of it, when it's time for the next one you won't be breathing. You get bet your ass that when I got the load pumped on, the hoses and fittings put away, and truckin' for the pipeline, the first thing I did was fire one up, with a sigh of relief.

At home I was paying $86/carton, and since they only allowed me 2 cartons from the Duty-Free store when I crossed the border, I was running low. So I started asking questions, and this is where the savings come in. I bought a 1-lb bag of tobacco, plus the tubes, enough to make 2 cartons of cigarettes for $19.99. I already have the little machine. So at a carton a week thats $40/month as opposed to $344. The fellow that told me about it let me try one and it was just another smokie-butt. Besides, my brain tumor has absolutely nothing to do with smoking, and so far that's my only health problem.

Okay, pictures. This is the "river" that runs through town that I cross every day on my walk. You don't want to see some of the shortcuts I take. I've even been chased by a dog, thank God he cut it short. (Don't forget to embiggen these)

This is just one of many, many parking lot vendors, and I'm told once the season starts they'll be wall-to-wall. I've even seen RV parks advertising for them to set up in their place.

Here's some more savings for me, I'll be able to buy all the Haremettes some jewelry for Xmas. Except of course for the ones that take shots at me. Old Fart indeed!

Now this park, with the paved street lined with palms, is admittedly nicer than the one I'm in. It's also $200/month more costly, for the same services I get here. Pretty, but no thanks. I found prices that run the gamut, from $94 to this one. I'm in the middle and satisfied.

So there you have it, little natterin', walk around town, and the knowledge that all is plumb fine in my world. For those that can make it I'll have some Saturday Chuckles, and a visit by L'il Bear on Sunday. For everyone of course, have a great weekend!

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