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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Morning folks. Ol' Rip Van Wrinkled up there told me to keep the nattering down today, because he's trying to have a nap. Like, when isn't he? So in an effort to keep him happy here are some pictures of my new home, in no particular order.

Here's the Bear in my site. You'll notice I still haven't bought any "furniture". This little bit got me by while camping in the North, but now that I intend to have visitors over I'll buy some chairs, table, barbeque etc. I'm going to wait until the parking lot sales start. Also deciding whether to put a carpet down, or paint the concrete a color that will match the awning. I'm leaning towards paint.

These are the oranges I mentioned, look at the size of those rascals. Might have to get a whole galloon of Wodka when it's Screwdriver time.

This is the orange tree at the back of the Bear.

And a Palm tree at the front.

If you look over the top of that trailer you'll see the "Q", signifying I suppose, Quartzsite Mountain.

I've got a few more, but this will show you where I'll be spending my winter pretty much. Since the southern part of B.C. is so green pretty well year round I thought the lack of grass would bother me, but not so, the sand and gravel seem to fit the weather. Besides, it sure as heck beats the snow I spent so many years chaining up in. So Judles my dear, and others in a cold clime, I'll be thinking of you as I sip a freshly squeezed orange from my tree. It's going to be rough, but I'm willing to go through it for you.

On that note I think I'd better take my leave, while I still can. Hope you're all well.

P.S. A sad note. Betty's sister Marg passed away yesterday morning. Please keep Boop in your thoughts, this is a bad time for her. I'm so glad that I got my phone in, and am doubly glad that the boys are there for her. Thank you.

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