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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Morning folks. Well, I'm back "home" safe and sound, and am happy to report that things went better than I could have expected. The only snag came when I gave Boop the promised hug of appreciation. It must have lit a fire in her loins, because she insisted on hugging me back, but after a little negotiation she settled for digging around in my pocket for loose change.

Seriously though (who, me?) I got everything done that I needed to, and more. One of the little niggly things I was concerned about was not dumping too much on Boop as to my Visa card, but after talking with the bank they've set it up so that the instant the statement is issued each month it will be paid in full from my checking account, thereby relieving Boop of having to do anything. In fact I was able to set things up so that other than setting my mail aside, she will not have anything to do, because Lord knows she has her hands full with the day-to-day existence of her sister Marg.

On a happier note I bought myself a new microwave, to replace this one that had a calf. Because they gave me a good price I ended up buying a fancy-schmancy stainless steel model. I think if I really apply myself I should be able to figure out how to boil water in a few days. Sheesh! It took me 10 minutes just to set the clock, of course it took me a month to figure the other one out so I guess I'm doing okay.

I actually checked out three RV parks, and they ranged from not a chance, to are you kidding me? so next Monday, the 1st, The Bear is on it's way to Arizona. As the sign said, YeeHaw!! I've also got a safe place here in Clinton to leave the car, so everything is coming together.

Other than giving both the Bear and the car a real good servicing this week, I'll just be biding my time. A week ago my heart wasn't into it, but now I'm getting a bit excited. At least I think I am because since it's too cold here to be sweating, I'm not sure what that is running down my leg. Oh, will you please stop!

Now I've got a chore to do that came about because of some mis-communication on my part, so I'm off to make a mea culpa and reply to your appreciated comments. Take care, and I'll probably see you tomorrow.

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