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Friday, September 14, 2007

Morning folks. Well, here we are, it's Friday already. Boy, the time sure flies when you stay drunk, it seems like only yesterday it was Thursday. Don't mind me, I'm just being goofy.

My bud Jim came up with a place in Arizona for me, but after talking with him on the phone, and learning of a condition, I passed on it. Seems that in order to get the quite reasonable rate of $175/month you have to pay 6 months in advance. Uh uh, no way, no how. I've been burnt twice already, and if one month ahead isn't enough, then I'm not interested. Too many pitfalls, you could end up with the family from hell beside you, lousy internet connection, etc etc. But all is not lost.....

Remember the fellow from Phoenix that I gave the bike to? At the time he had told me that I could park at his place, so I contacted him by e-mail and, wonder of wonders, he's for real. The offer still stands. So many times people say things that turn out to be just so much wind. So now I'm excited about talking to him on the phone and teeing things up. YES!!

On the subject of real people, and not wanting to embarrass him, I've got to tell you what Jim has done for me. Because I'm still sort of transient I don't have a land-line phone, and haven't activated my cell phone. So when I need to make some calls I've been dragging a gunny-sack full of coins down to the lodge. Without my saying a word about it to him, he has given me his calling card number, including the PIN, to use as I see fit. Now that's a friend! I try to live like that, and it warms my heart to know there are still good people out there. You, and he, can be sure that the privilege will not be abused, and any calls I make I will absolutely pay for with interest. Lots of interest!

Until I talk with the fellow in Phoenix, Glendale actually, I'll keep the thought of a winter site up here in the back of my mind, but it's looking more and more that I'm Arizona bound. Also the owner here has reserved a site for me in Quartzsite, but for reasons that I'll explain later, that's barely a blip on my radar screen.

Even though this started on a whiny tone, it sure is ending on a happy one. As soon as I talk with him I'll let you know what is happening. Keep your fingers crossed, because I think it's going to work out.

Enjoy your weekend, and if you want to pop by I'll have some chuckles up tomorrow, and an appearance by L'il Bear on Sunday. (Hopefully)

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