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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Morning folks. Although it seems like a lot of work for nothing, I finally got everything put away, and now will start the culling process. I found a Thrift store here run by the Anglican church, and was told that they are in real need of men's clothing etc. Well have I got a treat for you!

I threw a lot of stuff out, but am glad now I saved the clothing, footware and such, because I was told that anything I donate will be put to good use. The furniture and large items went to family members, and now with this, I feel good that nothing was wasted.

I finally got rid of the last trace of Dixie yesterday, and I DO NOT mean that in a bad way. Because the poor little dear shed so much I was worn out from brushing carpets, mats, furniture, etc so I brought the big vacuum back and went completely through the Bear. Even after all the brushing I did, I couldn't believe the hair in the bag.

As for Dixie, I was told by a fellow that was out there that she is truly the Lady of the Manor. It's her place now, and her new owner(?) is quite proud of her. Justly so, she's a great dog, and deserved a better life than I could give her, but in a way I did.

One of my new buds here, Chris Kind, is a renowned horseman, cowboy, and best-selling author. In the small world department, my bud down in White Rock, Bill the Barber, has read some of Chris's books and is looking forward to meeting him. Since Bill is coming up this way this weekend he'll stop here on the way back on Monday and the three of us can have a big ol' chat.

Chris stops by every morning, and on one of his visits last week he brought me 3 good-sized smoked trout. With Bill being an avid fisherman I can't wait to listen to them talk shop. Where else could a crusty ol' dude like me find such a welcoming home? This whole thing was meant to be!

From the day I bought the Bear, through the fussin' with it getting things ready, finding the peace I've long sought in the Yukon, and now here in a place I feel that I belong, it's been quite an experience. And in a short while I'll be heading south for the next chapter. At times I'm in awe of all that's happened, and how well it's gone.

An added bonus has been that you guys have rode along with me, and for that this happy camper thanks you! Guess it's time to cut back on the natterin' and get the camera out. Now that I have wheels I'll get busy on that and hope this connection stays open. I'll also try some DVs, because they were fun.

Take care guys, see ya later.

P.S. Sure hope you clicked open the link to my new bud. Click on About the Author, that's the guy that stops by every day. Also the main link shows the country I'm in. Pass the link along to your friends, because he's a good guy that has just started on here and who could use some hits. Thanks!

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