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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Morning folks. I've often said that once you stop looking for something, you'll find it. While I had been thinking about finding a home for the Bear, Dixie, and I, when I pulled in here Sunday morning it was simply to get off the road. But without looking I've found that home.

I'll be signing a lease here this morning and the plan is to spend 6 months a year here, and 6 months in Quartzsite AZ. The owner and I have hit it off, mainly because we're both cantankerous and ornery, but good-hearted, and I'll be meeting him in Arizona at his friend's RV park when he closes this one for the winter.

I trust what he has told me about the great times down there, and am so looking forward to it. In the meantime I've got a ton of things to do, starting with finding a spot for the hound while I go down and start closing up shop. I'll leave the Bear here, find a way down (bus?), get things started, then come back with the car. A couple of trips down should get everything done, then it's on with my new life.

Kind of scary how fast things have happened, but I've got a good feeling about it. If you think hard enough about anything you can always come up with negatives, but sometimes you just have to trust your gut. As I watch the morning and evening commutes on the news, then look out the window at the serenity here, I don't have to wonder if I'm doing the right thing. Besides this is the area I was planning on spending the summer in next year anyway.

I had supper last night with the owner in the restaurant here where he is the Chief Cook and bottlewasher. In fact he runs the whole place by himself. Not a bad spot to have baked salmon and an all you can eat buffet is it? It was a real hot day here yesterday but there was a gentle breeze blowing through the outdoor dining area. I know, it's rough, but I'll tough it out somehow.

This is the south view from the terrace. Hmm, doesn't that sound nice.

I'll have lots more to natter about in further posts but just wanted to let you know that, as Peter said, all's well with the world!!!!

Oh, I forgot to tell you, I was awakened this morning by a young lady in my bed. Dixie somehow opened the door on her kennel and was snuggled up to me on the pillow. Although she's not allowed in the bedroom, how could you possibly scold her for that? The only reason I've kept her out is her shedding, because the cover on the bed is like a hair magnet. Oh well.

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