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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Morning folks. So, how y'all doin', eh? There, that should satisfy both sides of the border. If it seems that I'm in a good mood, it's because I am. The trip home has gone so well, even given some real tough stretches on the Stewart-Cassiar road, that Dix and I are just kickin' back. We're about half-way home and that is way too fast, so we're in an RV park (I know) that is what I wish the dump at Uggieville had been, and enjoying every minute. I paid for 2 days but am thinking I'll stay longer.

We left Bea's place Saturday afternoon and went down into Whitehorse and parked at Wally World, just to finally get some sleep. Sunday morning as soon as anything opened I filled the fuel tanks (gas and propane), dumped the holding tanks, took on about 35 gals of water, last minute shopping, and hauled ass.

Only went as far as Teslin that day and camped in a great government campsite. Sitting by the campfire that evening I broke another of my words by giving Dix half a weiner, for 2 reasons. One I couldn't stand the looks I was getting, and two it was because of a problem she solved for me.

Try as I might I couldn't find a spot for her, while driving, that she wasn't trembling. So I decided to let her find her "safe" place, and she did. As soon as I tell her we're goin' truckin' she heads under the driver's seat. The seat has a skirt around the bottom, and she lies under there pressing against my leg, and stays as calm as can be.

Monday we went as far as the Junction of highway 37, and camped there for the night. So Tuesday I thought I'd see how much driving she could take. 12 hours of real tough sloggin' later I had to wake her up to go to bed. heh heh Of course I stopped many times to take her out for potties, and food and water, but she's no longer a big problem.

We camped just 40 miles from here, Stewart B.C., and came in early yesterday morning. Went over to Hyder Alaska, and didn't even get out of the Bear. It never was much, but is looking pretty tough these days.

Checked into this place and am completely satisfied. Strong Wi-Fi signal, cablevision, power, water, sewer hook-up, and I'm parked on grass, not a #$% gravel pit. All of that for $19/day, with the senior's discount (I lied about my age).

This is such a beautiful area, with so much to see, that I think I'll grab the camera today and try to find some things that might interest you. If I can't I'll just get someone to take a picture of me naked.

Hope you're all well, and I'll see you tomorrow.

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