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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Morning folks. I've hesitated putting this up today because frankly there is no good news. Myself, I'm fine, but from there it goes downhill in a hurry.

First, a bylaw officer threatened court action to Bea's (my friend) son if I didn't move. She lives in a very nice apartment over her son's business, a convenience store/gas-bar/laundromat. He basically told them to pound salt, but I can't be the cause of that kind of trouble so I'll be leaving here.

Second is Dixie. She is becoming, for lack of a better term, a pain in the ass. It's one thing if I'm camping or in an RV park where I can devote all my time to her, but she acts up so much when I try to leave her, I'm unable to do anything. With the shedding, and her fighting me when I try to wipe her feet, I can't take her in Bea's car, so I'm unable to do the most basic things.

Yesterday I left her chained to the Bear while I drove Bea to work. I made one very quick stop at the grocery store on the way back, and in that time she managed to dump her water and food bowls, and spread her blanket across the parking lot. I don't want to shorten her chain, that would be almost cruel, and can't trust her enough to leave her inside. As for the pedicure, she's going to have to settle down a whole bunch before I even try to take her to a groomer.

I really did want to stay here in Whitehorse for a while, but because of the above I'm not sure what's going to happen. I'm damned if I'm going to pay $38 a night to baby-sit the dog at an RV park, and I can't park at Walmart because of the same dog.

Guess I should have given this whole thing a lot more thought, instead of listening to my heart. Somehow things will work out, but right now it's not a lot of fun. Not sure what I'm going to do today, or when I'll be back online, but wish me luck, and I'll see you when I can.

P.S. Anyone want a dog? Kidding (sort of).

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