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Friday, July 13, 2007

Morning folks. Well, the official hand-off occurred yesterday without a hitch. While they were packing up I brought Dixie's kennel over and put it in here, along with her blankie. Because it was cool early in the morning I turned the space heater on and got it all warm for her. While a bit hesitant to come into the motorhome at first, she seemed to sense what was happening and went into her kennel without a sound. Of course as a reward I gave her a little treat. heh heh

By the time they came over to say good-bye she was just about asleep. Once that was done, with a little tail-waggin' but not a whimper, and they pulled away, I put her on the leash and off we went. As before she followed along, with a few sniffin' side-trips, as though we'd been doing it forever.

Now some credit. What a wonderful family they were, and so very generous to me. Although I insisted, they would not accept any money from me, not just for Dixie, but for all of the things that came with her. Things like her kennel and sleeping blankie, outside blanket, 2 leashes, chain, food, little treat bones, dental chews, travel drops, etc. I can get pretty cynical at times, but for now at least, they have restored my faith in mankind.

I also have her vaccination records, and travel document. She had just had all of her shots (7) on June 29th. And yes Goob, she is a pure bred Jack Russell, weighing 15.8 lbs. The only difference from what I had said is that she is 5 yrs old, not 6. She was born July 1-02.

So there you have it guys. I thank you for all your kind comments about this whole thing, but I've got to leave you now. I have a child to care for. heh heh

Here she is in her kennel. Although it looks small because of her position, you can tell it's plenty big. I kept the door closed for a while yesterday, but now I leave it open. I allowed her to sniff out her new surroundings, with warnings to stay off the furniture, because boy! does she shed, now I point to the mat in the kitchen or the kennel and down she goes.

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