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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Morning folks. This is one of those no news is good news days. Other than taking a walk yesterday I just hung around "home", read a bit, visited with some of the people here in the park, and just enjoyed the day.

Since my bud, Bill the Barber, is too busy fishing (or telling tall tales about it) to come up here to cut my hair, I guess I'll have to take my business elsewhere. I've been trying to get a picture that would go along with that little tease on here, but again, no luck. You might wonder why I spend so much time on this, hell even I do, but it gets me through the night since I don't sleep much.

The weather turned real nice, not too hot, after the storm passed, but right now at 1:30 am Thurs morning, it's coming down in buckets. Other than that boner I pulled with the bathroom sunlight I've not seen a sign of a leak, or even dampness, anywhere in the Bear. As I sit here with my usual cup o' joe and ciggy butt, and the space heater on because it does cool off at night, it's just plumb cozy.

In the small world department I met a couple here at the park that lived in White Rock for years, and although I didn't know them at the time they recognized my name. Their sons went to school with my boys, and we ended up having a wonderful walk back in time. They have gone on to Alaska, but are going to stop here on the way back and we are going to have dinner together downtown.

In an almost identical situation as with the bike, I met another grandfather, father, and his two sons. After learning how much the 10 yr old boy was into wildlife etc, I gave him my caribou antlers. Again, to see the look on his face was more than worth it, and when last seen the antlers were on their way to Bonanza Alberta. At this rate I sure hope I don't meet a young fellow that likes the Bear, or I'll have to walk home.

That should be enough nattering for now. I can't make a connection to Blogger right now, so I'll baby-sit this until I can. It's disappointing that I can't even get the html code on here for the pictures, because I have so many, but life's a bee-yotch.

See ya when I can.

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