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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Morning folks, although I'm not sure when I'll be able to post this one. I'm using Notepad because for the past 15
hours or so, try as I might, I can't make a connection. So I'm finally heeding your advice , but already am confused. I've been banging away here not realizing until I looked up that everything was on one line. I think I've sorted that out, but truthfully don't have a clue what I'm doing. Getting a picture on here should be a real hoot.

Had a bit of excitement here yesterday. The day started out socked in with fog, but as it lifted I could see off in the distance what was coming. It was darker than the inside of a cow, and you could just feel the storm in the air.

While still fogged in I had been contemplating my navel, and decided to do the annual clean-out. So I set to work
digging out a few coins, cookie crumbs, a couple of buttons I'd been looking for, and enough lint to make a throw cushion. The whole thing tired me out so much I decided to have a nap before the big event.

So T-shirt off, slippers off, I hit the couch, and was just getting into some heavy-duty logging when the first gust hit. Woke me with a start, and when I saw what was happening I made a stab for the slippers managing to get one, out the door almost taking a header, and grabbed the awning before it became pretzelized. The biggest of the four is 23 feet across, and with all the hardware, that sucker is heavy. As determined as it was to get air-borne, I was just as determined that I didn't want to know how much it would cost to replace, so I hung on, tightly!

Luckily the first gust was the worst, and I managed to get the arms down before any damage was done, or it did get air-borne.

"Look in the sky Mommy, it's Santa Claus".
"No dear, that's just Trucker Bob with his new hang-glider".

After chasing down my little table and folding chair I was soaked, so came inside to clean up and dry off. Nicely got that done in the bathroom when the second calamity hit, this one of my own making.

During the days of 100F plus I had put a double row of duct tape strips on the sunlight/vent to keep the searing sun out. That worked fine, lowered the inside temp by 8 degrees, trouble is I neglected to close the lid. As I was finishing drying off I noticed a drop of water on the edge of the tape. Thinking that the wind drove a bit of rain in I pulled that corner down. Bad move! That whole thing was full of water from the last rain, and I got it right in the mush, not to mention the carpet.Thank God I brought lots of towels, because what a mess!

The rains finally let up a bit, and figuring they can't get any wetter, I strung a rope from the ladder on the back of the Bear to a tree and hung everything out there. And how was your day? heh heh

It is now 2:30 am Wed morning, and I'm still unable to make a connection. Sure hope I can save this and copy/paste later, because this is a lot of one-fingered pecking to lose. Not to mention the times I've forgotten to bring the line down. Oh well, eventually I'll get the hang of it. See you later, if this one sees you at all.

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