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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Morning folks. Bit of a bummer to start off this morning. Went next door yesterday at about 9 am and the dream RV was gone. They told me at the office that he left during the night to avoid the horrendous line-ups at the ferry lately, as much as 10 hours with all the caravans coming through. So no interior pictures, but something else for the car buffs.

This 1931 Dodge just drove from Battleford Sask. to Anchorage AK., and is now on the way back to Lethbridge AB. for a big Dodge Brothers Convention.

Check this out Dave, original engine, with obviously lots of TLC.

Look at the tires, compared to the boots worn today.

I tried talking to the people but they were not very friendly, in fact had an attitude, and since I don't do tudes I took these and left. Too bad, I would have loved learning about the trip. Makes you wonder why people would go to all this trouble, and even advertise their trip, then have such a snobbish way about them. Since it would have been apropos of the era, perhaps I should have told them to bite my crank. Okay, settle down. Other than those two disappointments, everything is fine here. I stayed home, did a laundry, read a bit, went for a walk, and just generally enjoyed my surroundings.

It wasn't all negative though. There is a couple here in this park that have also rented a site for a month like myself, and who have also been "full-timing" it for 7 years. What a great source of information for me, who is definitely considering doing just that. We visit back and forth, and I'm picking up all sorts of helpful hints.

They are both computer literate, and while it doesn't seem fair that I can get on here when they can't, he didn't mind helping me with something I've been wrestling with. Thanks to him, who is named Bob ( d'uh, heh heh ), I am now finally able to put my pictures in separate folders, instead of searching through hundreds to find what I want. They use their computers for their work and have not been exposed to blogs, and little ol' me was able to help them a bit with that. Funny how things work out.

Hope you're all doing well. Might see you later today if I can get on.

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