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Friday, June 22, 2007

Morning folks. Okay, enough teasing (see last post), here is what my next adventure is going to be, and let's hope that it doesn't turn out to be prophetic.

When I leave here, probably tomorrow or possibly Sunday, I am going to Tombstone Mountain. Yep, going to tempt fate. To get there I'll backtrack about 25 miles towards Whitehorse, then head up the Dempster Highway. That's the road that leads to Inuvik, NWT., and although I have been that far before by truck I'll not be going near that far with the Bear. In fact roundtrip from here is only about 135 miles.

There was a Park Ranger who checked the campground I just spent 4 days at on a twice daily basis, and after chatting with him a few times, and him recommending the campsite there, I decided to make this sidetrip.

I'll probably spend 4 or 5 days there, then return to Dawson, couple of days getting cleaned up etc., then back across the river for another 4 or 5 days at the last place, then back over here for another 2 day stay. By the time I get that done it will be time to start making my way home, slowly. Much more on the return trip later.

Other than a surprise dump of snow at Ralphy's, and the extreme daytime heat here, the weather so far on the trip has been perfect, and as far ahead as I can see it looks like it will continue to be nice. In fact if it did turn turn for a few days it wouldn't bother me a bit, give me a chance to catch my breath because I've been staying busy.

This morning it's (ugh) laundry time again, then down to the bank to throw my hat in the door. If it doesn't come flying back out I'll go in and further eat away at the grandkid's inheritance. Just kidding, but dreams can get costly, but worth every damn penny!

Here are some more pictures, again in no particular order:

Because there are a lot of bears in the area, some of the campgrounds have food caches like this for the tenters that don't have proper storage. Must admit that when I'm hiking around in the bush and hear a noise I do get a bit spooked, but so far lot's of bar stools, but no bears. I did see a neat Arctic Fox walk through my campsite one night, but wasn't quick enough with the camera.

When I was rigging up the Bear I thought about a car dolly to tow my baby along behind, and mentioned it to my bud Bill the Barber. Knowing him I think I found the one he was trying to get me to buy. KIDDING!. Not sure what this is, or was, just something I happened upon.

Here's one of the abandoned paddle-wheelers along the river. It turns out that there are actually 7 of them there, and rather than being "ship-wrecked" they were dry-docked and left to nature because they were no longer usable. This one plied the water between Dawson and Whitehorse, and would burn 1 1/2 cords of wood an hour, all cut by hand! I have many more that I'll put up over time.

Another derelict at the same spot.

Finally, this is Dawson from the other side of the river. If you embiggen you can see the little ferry just pulling away, and the lineup of RVs waiting, sometimes as long as 3 hours. The current is so strong he heads upriver, then masterfully works it across to the gravel ramp on this side.

There are just so many things to natter about, and I will over time, but the wireless signal is real weak right now, and if I have to mess with it better this much for now. I'll probably post again later today, and certainly in the morning before I leave.

Hope you're all well. Take care of each other, and I'll see you later.

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