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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Well, look who's back from the wilds, Trucker Bob, or as how he's known until we get him into a shower, Pepe Le Pew!

Morning folks. Cut my time in the wilds by a day because I was running low on water, and was getting so rank even the skeeters wouldn't come near me. Every day the weather was so nice that I would go off hiking, and sweating, until finally it was clean up time. But what a time I had exploring over there. Got some great pictures of 3 shipwrecked paddle-wheelers I hiked to up the Yukon River that I'll put up later.

Wait til you hear of my next adventure, but first, scrub-a-dub-dub. Just got set up here at the same RV park I left on Sunday, all plugged in and back online.

See you all later today.

Update 1, 12:40 pm

There, that's better. Wasn't so bad after-all, it only took 2 sheets of sandpaper to get it all off. Some foo-foo shampoo and soap, a big ol' splash of smell-good, and I'm ready. Bring on the dancin' girls!

It's hotter than heck here right now, but I'm a cool dude sitting in the Bear with the A/C running. As I was showering and realizing where I was on the planet, I marveled at the conveniences these modern motorhomes afford one. Especially considering the harsh existence the people endured when this area was first settled. Feel very fortunate, for that, and oh so many other things.

Going to head downtown now, do a little shopping, buy a bottle of bubbly to have with dinner (steak and shrimp), and just marvel at where I am and what I'm doing.

Back later with some pictures, and a whole bunch of natterin'.

Update 2, 2:45 pm.

Just got back from shopping, and was I glad to see my ol' bud Alexander Keith waiting for me. Why you ask, because it is HOT! How hot?, well, take a look:

Going to cool off with a cold one (or two) and see you all later.

Update 3, a few cool ones (hic) later.

We can do the serious stuff in the morning, but now let's have a little fun. While walking along the river bank yesterday I saw a piece of driftwood that got my devilish mind to working. So after getting my pictures, on the way back I lugged this piece (it was much bigger) back to my campsite. After much sawing, and 2 hours of whittling, I had what I consider a great gag photo. The story unfolds:

Since none of you heifers that volunteered to ride shotgun showed up for duty, and also since it gets mighty lonely sitting by the campfire under the Midnight Sun by myself, I decided to hang out my shingle.

Unfortunately it didn't work out the way I had planned, and I ended up burning it. The amount of work I put into it was just good exercise that I didn't mind wasting, but the guy in the site beside me seemed put out. Wait, you don't think that....nah. Really?

That's the Yukon River through the trees in the background. I sat there for 4 days, and after leaving here for my next adventure, that I'll tell you about in the morning, I'm going back over there.

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