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Friday, June 15, 2007

YEEHAW!! Just arrived at Dawson City, and am checked in to the Goldrush RV Park, but more importantly, I'm finally back online. I'll bring you up to date once I've cleaned up a bit, and taken a stroll downtown.

I saved a few nickels on the way here by roadside camping, so now I can afford the full hook-up here (little pricey), but besides that, I'm just glad to be back on here. I'll explain later in the natterin' part.

I'm fine, the Bear is fine, the weather is fine, hell, I'm going to have me a Bud Lite, because it ain't going to get any better than this.

Can't tell you how emotional I am right now. I Made It! The culmination of a dream. Oh, the memories. Better not mess with me today, because I'm 8 ft tall, and bulletproof. Okay, settle down, but damn I'm on a high!!

See ya later today, I promise, with lots of pictures and natterin'. Headin' down to Diamond Tooth Gerties right now, just a short walk.

Hope you're all well, and for those who have hung in with me, THANKS!

Update..1 pm

Decided that before I went saloonin', gamblin', and cavortin' with the showgirls, I'd take my roll of nickels to the grocery store, and if I have anything left I'll make the rounds tonight. Got that done, vacuumed, showered, had some lunch, now I'm off to take some pictures of this wonderful, historic place.

I'm going to stay in this park for at least 2 days, so I'll have lots of time to put a catch-up post together, with pictures. Other than that little Howdy from Whitehorse, I've got 11 days to put in order. I'm also going to do some digging around to find a place where I can stay longer. I'd really like to stay here in Dawson for about a month but, although this spot is good, approx $1800 is a bit more than I want to spend. I'll find something.

Later guys.

Aw sheesh, not another update.

Just hold the hell on! I wanted to show Jude how much I appreciate her keeping you up to date with those great maps, so I went downtown and blew the budget on some Yukon gold for her. Now I have to stay, I'm too broke to leave.

Who knows, I might even deliver it in person. Boy, if that don't score some brownie points, I give up. Have to go now, there's a Nova Scotian by the name of Alexander Keith (wink wink, nudge nudge) in my fridge that wants to join me. I bought a 24 pack when I left, and had the first one today, 5 weeks later. I plan to make up for lost time!

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