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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hi guys. Well, I'm a day late arriving in the Yukon, but I have a good excuse. Pictures and explanation to follow. I just checked in to an RV park called Nugget City, 15 mins past Watson Lake, got the A/C (both) running (108F), water and cable hooked up, so now it's shower time. Then I'm going over to to The Best Little Ore House and have me a cold long-necked bottle of adult sody pop. I'll update in a bit, but first it's me time!

Update: 3.45 pm

I may not look any better, but boy I sure smell better. While camping along the trail sponge baths are the order of the day, in order to conserve water, otherwise I'd be packin' too much weight. But when I get hooked up like I am here, watch out, because the suds and lather are flying. Sure feels good. Now, my trip from Fort Nelson to here:

Got away as planned 9 am Wednesday morning, went to the top of Steamboat, but the lodge was closed and barricaded. This is the view from there.

With it being closed I decided to go on to the top of Stone Mountain and stay at the Summit Lodge. Guess what? Yep, closed and barricaded. Damn, didn't any of you guys let them know I was coming, wait, maybe that's why they barricaded. No biggie, I knew a truck pullout not far away, and that's where I camped Wed night. Here are some shots from there.

Thurs morning up bright and early, and on to Toad River. Forgetting that nobody is on my clock, I got in there at 5.45 am and they were , duh!, closed. Again, no biggie, I went on to Muncho Lake, and found my idea of Heaven. I stayed there 3 days, and really should have stayed longer. These shots don't do it justice, what a beautiful campsite on the lake.

This is a Provincial Parks Campsite, and as a B.C. resident, and senior, I was only charged $7/day, which is almost unheard of these days. The lake itself is glacier fed, and is sometimes classed as bottomless. I've been out on it when 1600' of line was dropped, and nothing.

I took the water temperature, and it was 38F, which it pretty well stays at until freeze-up. I asked the "lads" if they wanted to take a dip, and they said that if I ever expected any production out of them in the future, I could forget that idea. Oh, did you notice that when I build a fire, you can really roast your weinie, or any other part if you happen to be so built. Alright, you've been good up to now, let's don't start.

I had planned to stop at Mile 596, Iron Creek Lodge, that was a favorite stopping place when Steve and Peggy ran it, but they've retired and moved south, and the people that bought it went tits up, so yep, closed and barricaded. Kind of sad in a way to see all my favorite ol' haunts gone, but it's a tough existence up here, and the new breed don't seem to be able to cut it.

I had also planned on visiting an old boss of mine in Watson Lake, but he has passed on, and his son closed the trucking business and moved everything else to Westlock Alberta.

So that brings me, and you, up to date. I'll stick a short post up before I leave here tomorrow. It's only a 5 hour drive from here into Whitehorse, but I don't want to get there for at least 5 or 6 days. I'll be all cleaned up, laundry done, batteries re-charged, etc, so I'll be doing lots of roadside camping. The only town I might stay in is Teslin, at Mile 804. I might also drop back down into B.C. and go into Atlin. That's another place with a lot of history. It also is the largest natural lake in B.C. The only bigger is Williston at Hudson Hope, and that was man-made for the WAC Bennet dam.

By the way, I never did go for that cold one, I've got plenty in here I haven't touched. Instead I've been suckin' on a cup o' joe, and enjoying it, and chatting with you.

Hope you're all well, and I'll see you in the morning.

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