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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The get-together at the old Tompkins Truck Stop, at Mile 293 on the Akaska Highway, with some of my ol' buds went very well yesterday. I brought along my camera, but they passed on pictures once they learned that I was going to share them. Actually I don't blame them, what a motley looking crew. Kidding!

It was about 32 years I hauled logs up here, and as always happens, the years just vanished. Of course we were all a lot younger, and a lot more foolish, but oh my, some of the things we talked about.

Things like hauling 18 hours a day all week, servicing the trucks on Saturday, then heading into town for a little R&R. Hit the bar, get into at least 2 fights, get kicked out, go for Chinese food, then back to the bunkhouse. Sunday morning was spent "healing", surveying the damage, and remarking how much we all looked like raccoons. Then 3 am Monday, do it all over again. Ah, the good ol' days, but truthfully sometimes I wonder how I survived.

Spent another night behind my favoritest hotel in the whole wide woild, hint hint, and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the name. Here is their website, and although I'm sure that they don't need a plug from me, I just wanted to share with you how great they treated me. In reading their brochure I noticed they have a Romance Suite, and when I asked about their Romance Package, I was told not to push my luck. Hey, you can't blame me for trying!

While walking around town yesterday I found this little toy that I think would look great on a small trailer behind the Bear. So if any of you have some loose change kicking around your stamp drawer, I'd be happy to help you get rid of it. How much loose change you ask, oh, with the trailer and taxes, about $21,000. Of course being made by pull-your-ass (Polaris) it's quality, as can be seen by the wheels and honkin' dual exhaust.

Speaking of honkin', I had a chance to weigh the Bear at the Government Weigh Scale before I left the Ft. St. John area. YIKES! With holding tanks empty, water tank 1/3, gas tank 7/8, and propane tank 7/8, this beast weighs 15,216 lbs. No wonder that 454 Heavy Chevy is thirsty! Of course I'm packing enough stuff to last me the summer, other than fresh, but still that's a lot of weight for a gas engine on some of these hills.

I'm going to top everything up this morning, pick up some fresh fruit etc, and head out about 9 am. I'm only going to go about 40 miles today, and camp on top of Steamboat Mountain. Hopefully I'll get some great pictures up there to post next time I'm online, which could be on Thursday at Toad River, Mi 422. That's the place I locked the keys in the trunk 2 years ago when I came up in the car. If not there, for sure when I get to the Yukon, which might not be until Saturday.

Thanks for listening, wish me luck,

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