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Monday, May 28, 2007

Just a quick note to let you know all is well. I'm parked on the street in front of a tres fancy (at least for here) hotel in Fort Nelson B.C., and sort of poaching their Wi-Fi. I've looked at 2 RV parks here and passed on them, so if they don't come out and chase me off with a big stick, I'll fire up the generator and post a bit more later.

For now though, here are some shots of Bear Flats where I stayed for 5 days. If the weather hadn't turned nasty I would have stayed longer, but decided this morning to head North. I could easily have spent the summer there, what a peaceful place.

Sorry for being a bit dis-jointed, but I'll talk more later.


I didn't feel real good about sneaking on to their wireless, so after posting the above I went in and told the desk manager what I had done, and jokingly begged forgiveness, or at least another chance. The guy actually had a sense of ha-ha, and for my punishment he told me to get the h*ll off the street, park around back on their lot, and plug in!

So here I sit, almost in shock. I guess it's true, a little honesty truly does go a long way. Hear that Cdee, all those prayers have paid off! heh heh

Okay, lets get into some serious natterin'. I'm 2 1/2 weeks out, approx 1000 miles up the road, and things couldn't be going better. The Bear is running like a champion, I'm feeling like a new man, (don't take that literally, I still like girls) and I've still got the whole summer ahead of me.

Ralph and Eleanor came out to Bear Flats on Saturday to visit, and said that I looked like I had settled in for the summer. That was awfully close to being the truth, because the owner and I had talked about my staying on as caretaker. She said that I could use a pick-up one day a week to go to town for groceries etc, but as tempting as that was, the trip to Dawson, and the sharing of it, was more important to me. I was also offered a job at Happy Trails in Prince George (furnace) delivering RVs, but heck I had just started out. With the thirst of the Bear, and the price of gas, I might have to take one of those jobs, but so far I'm managing to keep the needle off E.

When I started out this morning it was windy, raining, and +1C. Right now, 3:45 pm, it's sunny, calm, and +27C. In fact it's so warm in here I'm sitting in my ahems, now aren't you glad I shared that?

I'm glad I dumped my holding tanks this morning, because I'm about to get into one of my favorite foods, fresh cherries. I've got 2 lbs of them chilling in the fridge, and in a few minutes I'm going into that bag elbow deep. Just be glad that you're not here for that performance, the ol' dude sitting in his shorts scarfin' cherries. heh heh Damn, I'm havin' a blast!

Hope you're all well. Not sure of tomorrow, might hang around town for a day or so, there are a lot of memories for me here. At any rate, I'll stick something up before I leave, if I don't flush myself down the "facility" from these cherries.

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