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Monday, May 21, 2007

After the great day I had yesterday touring around with Ralphy I might have a slight change of plans because of something he showed me. I'm still leaving where I'm parked now on Wednesday morning, but instead of heading north I might head just a few miles west.

What happened was that as we headed towards Hudson Hope, talking about all the loads we had hauled in on that road, we got to Bear Flats and he said I want to show you a campground I think you'll like. Like?, hell, I fell in love with it.

The place is laid out like a park in the trees overlooking the Peace River, is very big, and is run on the honor system. In other words, go in, and either drive or walk around, find the spot you like, set yourself up, then go to the little unmanned "office", fill out the registration card, put it and your money ($12/day) in the slot, and you're home.

I've already got my spot picked out, found the firewood ($3/wheelbarrow load), found the phone, laundromat, etc., so everything now depends upon the weather. If it is anywhere near sensible I'm going out there for at least a few days, and maybe as much as a week. If it happens I'll take lots of pictures, and post them when I can.

Truth is I wasn't ready to go driving yet, I'm just now getting into the camping mood. Besides, I've got all summer so what's the rush? I know it's far too early to get serious about it, but in the short time I've been out here I'm already thinking about doing this full-time. If my health holds up, and Bear doesn't blow up, stranger things could happen.

As for my health, there has been a marked improvement already, in fact I can't believe how much I can get done in a day now compared to just a few short months ago. I haven't taken the bike off the back yet, but if I go out to the campground, you can bet it's going to get used.

There is one other thing to report that I hope you haremettes will understand. I have met a young lady that has captured my heart, and I have fallen completely in love. With her being 3 years old there is a slight age difference, but it's real. I think I'd better explain, fast! heh heh

I was outside fussin' with the Bear when the neighbor's little girl came over with a dandelion and a 5-cent coupon from a local retail store for me. The look on her face, and her little voice, was just the sweetest thing. Of course I thanked her, and as we were talking I shortened the stem on the dandelion, put it behind her ear, and told her to go show her Mommy the pretty flower. She told me that her Mommy was sleeping and asked if she could help me, so I gave her a little rag with some polish on it, and we sat on the grass happily "working" away.

I should point out that I have met the parents, they are quite comfortable with me, and in fact she was being watched by her Dad the whole time. But again, it was just so sweet.

So there you have it, another positive post from a man who is where he belongs, and is able to share his feelings with people he cares for. In the final analysis, isn't that what it's all about?

As always, take care of yourselves, and I'll see you tomorrow. Oh, and behave! Or not.

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