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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Well, in a little more than 48 hours, the Good Lord willing and the harness holds, I'll be just a bad memory. It seemed that I had forever to get the Bear ready but the last couple of days have been hectic with last minute items. I'm pretty well going to have to leave, because other than furniture, just about every thing I own is in the darn thing. I've always over-packed but this is ridiculous, still I will have most of the comforts of home with me.

Today I'll pay all my utilities, cable, internet, etc. well ahead so that Boop doesn't have to worry about any bills coming in. Although the car is reasonably safe in the underground parking, I'll remove the plates, the registration, and a battery cable so that it will be less attractive to anyone noticing it hasn't moved in a while. Also my bud the retired RCMP sergeant that parks beside me is going to keep an eye on it.

Although I'm looking forward to, and hoping for, a good summer, it's funny how what I sometimes felt was a rut is really a comfort zone. Familiar surroundings, the ability to get on here and natter a bit, wander over to the mall, and things of that nature. But because I am comfortable on the road it won't be long and I'll be back in a zone that I'm familiar with.

The only thing left to do health-wise is to pick up my "head-med" prescription at the Cancer Clinic tomorrow. Since they give it to me in 12-week increments, I asked and they agreed, for 2 refills in case I'm not back by the time the first ran out. Not really connected, but I put together a pretty good first-aid kit to take along with me.

Before this nattering goes any further, I'll bid you all a good day, and will see you tomorrow with some final thoughts. Take care of yourselves.

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