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Friday, May 04, 2007

Suspicions confirmed. Our weather turned for the better here yesterday, and sure enough, the arm and shoulder are almost normal this morning. Whoulda thunk! Plus, the butt-whuppin' from the "head meds" wasn't all that bad. I did go over to the Bear's lair yesterday but after a couple of hours I gave up and came home to let it run it's course. With the weekend looking good I should be able to finish up all the little things so that next week I can start planning an itinerary.

Here are a few just goofing around pictures. This first one is of the nice kitchen waste basket that Boop bought for the Bear. Sorry about the reflection of the flash on the wall, guess I shined it up too much. An example of Boop's humor came when she told me that every time I took the garbage out I could think of her. Good one Boop!

This one of course is Garf dressed for the occassion. Since I ran out of pillow cases I should have just taken that center one out, but an interior designer I'm not.

Don't ask why I put this one of the shower up, just chalk it up to more goofing around.

Well, there you have it, today's version of what I've been spending some of my time on. If you made it this far I thank you for stopping by, and wish you a good weekend. It will be the usual here, Chuckles tomorrow, and L'il Bear on Sunday. Later guys.

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