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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Just like clockwork the rains returned yesterday, so I didn't even bother going over to fuss some more with the Bear. Instead I spent the day getting my clothes ready, an eye exam (no problems), a haircut (a scalping), and a bit of shopping. Since I plan to do a lot of reading on the trip I also picked out enough books to last the summer, nothing heavy, just your basic trashy pocket novels.

One good thing about the rains returning, if there is such a thing, is I've finally realized the correlation between the weather and my shoulder/arm. After the few nice days we had I was ready to go a couple of rounds with Mike Tyson, but this morning I can barely use it. So my plans to head south this winter to a warmer, drier, clime, make more sense than ever. I've always pooh-poohed the idea that people could predict the weather by how their joints felt (don't even go there!), but now I'm not so sure.

They're predicting a nice weekend so I'll just putz around here with the endless little things that need to be done, like, ugh!, housecleaning. Since Boop is going to be keeping an eye on my place while I'm gone, and also spending some quiet time here, I don't want her to think her ex is a slob. It's funny, but no matter what I do in life, Boop is always a part of it, and I wouldn't have it any other way. She is the one person that I completely trust, and it gives me such comfort. Needless to say, but I try to be her shoulder too, and usually succeed.

Take care of yourselves guys.

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