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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Morning folks. Well, Boop is safe and sound back in her own home. As necessary as hospitals are, they are not the most restful places. Within hours of her being back in comfortable surroundings, we could see and hear the strength coming back.

A public nurse will be coming by daily to change drains, dressings etc., and if need be we'll hire a private nurse to help for a few days.

Believing that credit should be given where credit is due, I have nothing but good to say about the treatment she received. From the doctors to the nurses to the admin staff, each and every one was caring and professional. We often gripe about our health care system, but the "foot soldiers" are doing a great job. As to the politicians, that's best left unsaid.

With this being the big night for trick-or-treating, I trust the parents will watch over the young ones. I used to love taking the boys out, when I was home, on their rounds. And yes, I'll admit it, the best part was raiding their loot after they had gone to bed.

So be careful, because there are scary things out there.

Surely you didn't think I'd let a day go by without a little Bush-Whackin'. Besides, with Timmy limiting my activities, it's about all the fun I have anymore. Oh quit whining, you do it because you want to. YESSS!!! heh heh

Take care guys, probably see ya tomorrow.

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Morning folks. Well, as I had hoped, I have good news concerning Betty/Boop. She made it through the surgery like the trooper she is, and is scheduled for release this morning. They were going to let her out yesterday, (too soon in my opinion) but she was still quite nauseous, so they're keeping her sedated.

There is one disturbing thing that has even the doctors puzzled. They found a large growth on her right side that, until the biopsy results come back, we won't know what it is, or what caused it. The doctor I spoke to thinks it may be from all the radiation she had. So once again we'll keep the good thoughts.

Now an amusing thing. One of the nurses on the wing asked if our family owned a hothouse, because she had never seen so many plants and flowers in one room. You can bet that when she came to we wanted her to know she wasn't alone. We also had a TV and phone by the bed for her. I'm almost embarassed to tell you that she called me, not making much sense, but wanting to make sure I wasn't worried. If only every divorced person in the world could have an ex like that.

For a change of pace, let's see what Pouty McPissypants is up to. Oh oh, looks like he's seen the polls. Better hang on, the ride is about to get bumpy.

Well guys, hope the upcoming week is a good one for you. Once we get Boop home, and start spoiling her, I know mine will be less stressful.

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Friday, October 27, 2006

Morning folks. Well, the big day for Boop is here. While we have faith in the hospital, surgeons, etc., it's still a major procedure with the risks that are inherent in all surgeries. A double radical mastectomy is no exception.

It's at times like this that the difference in strengths between a man and a woman is evident. While men in general are physically stronger than women, the "weaker" sex have an inner strength that is something to behold. Case in point, I'm a wreck, and she's holding up well.

I'll be going over to her place shortly to sit with her and help her get ready. Her scheduled check-in time is 9 am, so there's lots of time to get her there and see that everything is in order before they take her away.

I'm going to take a break from posting this weekend, and hopefully when I see you on Monday it will be with good news.

Keep the good thoughts.

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Morning folks. Well, I made it through the big day without falling into the punch bowl, or pinching anyone inappropiately, but I did manage to eat too much. I had almost begged Boop not to do it, but it's kind of a tradition for her to make a big sit-down dinner.

Our two sons that now live and work in Alberta jumped into the pickup after work, drove 950 miles, wished me well, gave Boop a big ol' hug and support for the upcoming surgery, had dinner, slept 4 hours, and drove back. Wonder where they got that? Ah, memories.

All in all a great day, but now it's time to get back to some monkey business.

Look Mommy, I can get out all by myselfs.

Sadly, since starting this latest round of Bush-Whackin', I seem to have lost a friend. Makes one wonder. But not for long.

Sincerely hope that each and every one of you make it to at least this age. Timmy notwithstanding, it's a wonderful time of life. When I see what's going on the world, it makes me grateful to be where I am.

Take care of each other. Hugs allowed.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Morning folks. Like a lot of men, I'm not real big on celebrating birthdays. In my case it comes from being uncomfortable with people fussing over me, not with the age. As a matter of fact I'm proud to be the age I am, and hope to be here for a long time.

This might seem a sneaky way of announcing that I turn 68 today, but it's really a way of acknowledging, and saying thanks, to those who have wished me well.

When I say thanks, I don't do it lightly. I'm convinced that you guys are part of the reason I'm still here.

After being given 6-8 months to live in July/02 I knew I had a fight on my hands. Initially it was tough, but at the urging of family I bought this computer, thereby allowing you into my life to "fuss" over me. That has been a god-send of sorts.

On the days when I feel like something the cat coughed up you guys always have a way of picking me up. Whether it's by a kind comment, a little kibbitzing, or an interest in how I'm doing, it's almost therapeutic.

As much as I enjoyed the trip this summer, I enjoyed even more having you along with me. You truly were the inspiration that made it possible.

I've learned a lot from you guys, and am still learning. A man can be as tough as a two-dollar steak, but no man is an island.

The only question I have is whether there will be a girl jumping out of the cake, and if so, will she be nekkid? I don't want to ruin the party by being overdressed.

So once again guys, THANK YOU!

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hi guys. Not sure if being late is better than never, but on the chance that it is I just wanted to pop in and say hey-howdy.

Boop just got back from her prep tests for the surgery on Friday. The EKG, blood work etc. seem fine, so now it's countdown time. We made an appointment for her at the beauty salon just to keep her mind off things. Of course I had to tease her and tell her that since I don't have a no-limit limit on my credit card they might not get all the needed work done.

Other than that update, things are about the same here. Take care of yourselves.

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Morning folks. After some good-natured teasing, from Jude, about my not taking any dorky videos for a while I did go out with good intentions. But, alas, I just couldn't seem to get motivated, except for these pictures.

These I took in the park behind my place. Such a great time of the year with the autumn colors.

This one is kind of cute. I had been teasing the young lady about how the ears on her chihuahua made it look like a bat. The dog seems to be saying, "are you going to let him call me that"?

As nice as the day was, it was kind of a bummer for me. When I was on that fitness kick I would do 4 laps around the park and still be wanting to go. Yesterday, 1/2 way on the first lap I had to head for home. Guess Timmy took more out of me than I realized, or want to admit. Oh well, just have to stay at it. I will admit though, it doesn't get any easier.

Boop made it home safe and sound, and broke (heh heh), but happy. Since that was the point of the trip it seems to have worked. She knows I devour newspapers and, bless her heart, she brought me an armload from south of the border. It's always interesting to read of world events from other people's perspective. The one thing clear is that Bush-Whacking is alive and well. YES!!

Have a good week guys.

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Morning folks. Since I don't really have anything of consequence to say I wasn't going to bother posting today. But you-know-who up there got a little pouty, so here I am.

Not sure if any of you guys are having the same problem, but lately Blogger has been giving me fits. More than once I've had a post started and when I try to save it in Draft, I lose it. I finally smartened up a bit, learned how to first put it in Notepad, but even that doesn't always work.

With Blogger being free, I'm fully aware of the old adage, 'you get what you pay for', but I for one wouldn't mind paying a nominal fee if it would help sort this out. I really don't want to change because I'm comfortable here, but I'm thinking of WordPress. I've gone so far as signing up but haven't taken the last step. Any thoughts?

I've looked at Blogger Beta, but since it's from the same service, I'm hesitant. For a putzer like myself it's really no biggie, but I've been reading the same from some high-powered blogs, so hopefully things will get sorted out.

I thought that maybe the problem lie in this desktop, but when I try on the laptop, it's the same. Whoops, there goes the warning at the bottom again. GRRR!!

Other than the above whine, all is well here. As I mentioned earlier, Boop's surgery will be next Friday, and in an effort to take her mind off it, we sent her down to a fancy Casino/Hotel for the weekend. She called last evening and it seems to have worked, she sounded happy. Besides, she needed the practice for the Vegas trip!

Hope the upcoming week is a good one for you, and remember, if things get a little stressful, I can always find a roll of quarters for you. Hey, don't laugh, it works for Boop.

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

A 90 year old man goes for a physical. All of his tests come back with normal results. The doctor says, "George, everything looks great. How are you doing mentally and emotionally? Are you at peace with God?"

George replies, "God and I are tight. He knows I have poor eyesight, so he's fixed it so when I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, poof, the light goes on. When I'm done, poof, the light goes off."

"Wow, that's incredible," the doctor says.

A little later in the day, the doctor calls George's wife. "Ethel," he says, "George is doing fine! But I had to call you because I'm in awe of his relationship with God. Is it true that he gets up during the night and poof, the light goes on in the bathroom, and when he's done, poof, the light goes off?"

"DAMN!" Ethel exclaims. "He's pissing in the refrigerator again!
Thanks Jim

What is a Yankee? The same as a quickie, but a guy can do it alone.

What is the difference between a Harley and a Hoover ? The position of the dirt bag.

Why is air a lot like sex? Because it's no big deal unless you're not getting any.

What do attorneys use for birth control? Their personalities.

What's the difference between a girlfriend and wife? 45 lbs.

What's the difference between a boyfriend and husband? 45 minutes.

What's the fastest way to a man's heart? Through his chest with a sharp knife.

Why do men want to marry virgins? They can't stand criticism.

Why is it so hard for women to find men that are sensitive, caring, and good-looking? Because those men already have boyfriends.

What makes men chase women they have no intention of marrying? The same urge that makes dogs chase cars they have no intention of driving.

What's the difference between a porcupine and BMW? A porcupine has the pricks on the outside.

What did the blonde say when she found out she was pregnant? "Are you sure it's mine?"

Why do men find it difficult to make eye contact? Breasts don't have eyes.

Did you hear about the dyslexic Rabbi? He walked around saying "Yo."

What's the difference between a southern zoo and a northern zoo? A southern zoo has a description of the animal on the front of the cage along with... "a recipe".

How do you get a sweet little 80-year-old lady to say the F word? Get another sweet little 80-year-old lady to yell *BINGO*!

What's the difference between a northern fairytale and a southern fairytale? A northern fairytale begins "Once upon a time ..." A southern fairytale begins "Y'all ain't gonna believe this shit".
Thanks Trace

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Morning folks. Well, you made it through another week with no help from me. I'm proud of you, and to show my appreciation, I'll work extra hard to ferret out a few ha-has for tomorrow. You're a demanding bunch, but worthy nonetheless. Don't ask me what I'm talking about, even I don't know.

When a post starts off as bad as that it would seem it could only get better, but I'm not very hopeful with this one. Talk about drilling a dry hole, sheesh!

I suppose in a way it's sort of like the ol' no news is good news. At any rate, I just wanted to pop in and say Hi, and with that being done, I'll wish you all a good weekend.

Oops, looks like Pouty McPissypants has heard of our new society.

See ya tomorrow. Take care.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Morning folks. I see by Jude's comment that she's been under the weather. I don't know whether I caught what she has by osmosis or what, but by noon yesterday death would have been a relief.

At first I thought Timmy was acting up because my eyesight went wonky, but things seem a lot better today. Still, just to be safe, I think I'll use my scooter when I go out today.

With it looking more and more that the Rethuglicans are going to lose control of both the House and the Senate, can the "I" word (impeachment) be far behind? Unlike Bill and Monica, Smirky and Kindasleazy seem to have that angle covered. YEWWW!!!

Oops, got to beat a hasty retreat to the reading room. See ya!

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Morning folks. As you can tell by the Official (?) Seal below, I've been busy with the organizational hurdles involved in getting this society up and running. I am at present awaiting our Charter, and will be announcing shortly the date, and place, of our first General Meeting. A full slate of Directors will be elected at that time.

Oh, would you give me a break! Actually I sat here this morning with a blank mind (duh!), so I figured why not goof around. But now that the seed has been planted I think I'll run with this. Lord knows there's enough material available to have a bit of fun.

Other than that bit of tomfoolery, I'm glad to report that all is well here. Hope you guys are also doing well. Take care of yourselves.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Morning folks. In the interest of science, and also because it's the funniest damn thing I've read in a while, I'm posting this today instead of waiting until Saturday. I'm still wiping tears from my eyes.

In Pharmacology, all drugs have two names, a trade name and generic name. For example, the trade name of Tylenol also has a generic name of Acetaminophen, Aleve is called Naproxen, Amoxil is called Amoxicillin, and Advil is also called Ibuprofen.

The FDA has been looking for a generic name for Viagra. After careful consideration by a team of government experts, it recently announced that it has settled on the generic name of Mycoxafloppin. Also considered were Mycoxafailin, Mydixadrupin, Mydixarizin, Dixafix, and of course, Ibepokin.

Pfizer Corp. announced today that Viagra will soon be available in liquid form, and will be marketed by Pepsi Cola as a power beverage suitable for use as a mixer. It will now be possible for a man to literally pour himself a stiff one. Obviously we can no longer call this a soft drink, and it gives new meaning to the names of "cocktails", "highballs" and just a good old-fashioned "stiff drink". Pepsi will market the new concoction by the name of: MOUNT & DO.

Thought for the day: There is more money being spent on breast implants and Viagra than on Alzheimer's research. This means that by 2040, there should be a large elderly population with perky boobs and huge erections and absolutely no recollection of what to do with them.
Thanks to Jim Nicholson

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Morning folks. It was too foggy and rainy here yesterday to go off to the mountains and shoot a few DVs, so I just vegged out. Besides, all that driving last week wore me out, especially since I'm back on those @#$ rice cakes. But I took care of that, I got me some health food, DONUTS!

Thought I'd start the week off with a few pearls of wisdom from Prezimanent Nostradumbass.

"One has a stronger hand when there's more people playing your same cards."-Washington, D.C., Oct. 11, 2006

"I've reminded the prime minister-the American people, Mr. Prime Minister, over the past months that it was not always a given that the United States and America would have a close relationship."-Washington, D.C., June 29, 2006

"I'll be glad to talk about ranching, but I haven't seen the movie. I've heard about it. I hope you go,you know,I hope you go back to the ranch and the farm is what I'm about to say."-Explaining that he hasn't yet seen Brokeback Mountain, Manhattan, Kan., Jan. 23, 2006

"As you can possibly see, I have an injury myself-not here at the hospital, but in combat with a cedar. I eventually won. The cedar gave me a little scratch."-After visiting with wounded veterans from the Amputee Care Center of Brooke Army Medical Center, San Antonio, Texas, Jan. 1, 2006

"We look forward to hearing your vision, so we can more better do our job. That's what I'm telling you."-Gulfport, Miss., Sept. 20, 2005.

"I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep on the soil of a friend."-On the prospect of visiting Denmark, Washington D.C., June 29, 2005

"We're spending money on clean coal technology. Do you realize we've got 250 million years of coal?"-Washington, D.C., June 8, 2005

You've got to admit, the boy do have a way with words.

On a more serious note, (who me?) I went over to my bud Amerloc's site yesterday to see what he's been up to. I've linked him, not because of the kind mention he gave me, but because of the homey, comfortable way he tells a story. When he talks about Lenny's Bar it's like I'm there with him. I like Texas, and I'm sure I'd enjoy his company, so I might have found a destination for my next trip. Nothing like inviting yoursef!

Hope the coming week goes well for you, especially for those of you still "working for the man". Don't be in a hurry to retire, because unless you're prepared for it, to use the vernacular, it sucks. Take care of yourselves.

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hospital regulations require a wheelchair for patients being discharged. However, while working as a student nurse, I found one elderly gentleman already dressed and sitting on the bed with a suitcase at his feet who insisted he didn't need my help to leave the hospital.

After a chat about rules being rules, he reluctantly let me wheel him to the elevator. On the way down I asked him if his wife was meeting him."I don't know," he said. "She's still upstairs in the bathroom changing out of her hospital gown."

An elderly couple had dinner at another couple's house, and after eating, the wives left the table and went into the kitchen. The two gentlemen were talking, and one said, "Last night we went out to a new restaurant and it was really great. I would recommend it very highly.

The other man said, "What is the name of the restaurant?"The first man thought and thought and finally said, "What is the name of that flower you give to someone you love? You know... the one that's red and has thorns." "Do you mean a rose?""Yes, that's the one," replied the man. He then turned towards the kitchen and yelled, "Rose, what's the name of that restaurant we went to last night?

Three old guys are out walking. First one says, "Windy, isn't it?"
Second one says, "No, it's Thursday!"
Third one says, "So am I. Let's go get a beer."

A man was telling his neighbor, "I just bought a new hearing aid. It cost me four thousand dollars, but it's state of the art. It's perfect."
"Really," answered the neighbor. "What kind is it?"
" Twelve thirty."

A little old man shuffled slowly into an ice cream parlor and pulled himself slowly, painfully, up onto a stool. After catching his breath,he ordered a banana split. The waitress asked kindly, "Crushed nuts?""No," he replied, "Arthritis."

When Jude sent me these I thought at first that she was giving me a zinger, but then I realized that at her advanced age it was probably just a Freudian slip. Now that's a zinger!

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Morning folks. Most people can think of things in their past that they not only are not proud of, but amazed that they survived. I'm certainly no different.

Like most drivers my age, I did things when I was younger that scare me today when I think of them. Today's tale is just one of them.

I'm putting these pictures up to show not only how much I miss the life I had, but how glad I am to have lived it. The one below, while not my truck because mine was a different color, is the dash I sat behind the last 7 years on the road. One hand on the wheel, and one on the stick, and I was where I belonged.

Today we're up on the Alaska Highway, the home of my bud Ralphy. The year was 1974, and I was hauling pipeline freight from Seattle WA to Fairbanks AK. 4600 miles round. Leave Sunday night, back Friday afternoon. See where I'm going?

Being young and foolish, I drove like the wind, with no thought of the danger I posed to myself or anyone else on the road. Not to mention the peril I placed my young family in. Luckily in those days there was very little traffic up there, but still.

On this trip I was southbound, and beyond exhausted, but determined to make it to a certain spot before I stopped for 3 or 4 hours sleep. By the time I got to Fireside, mile 543, I was into seeing things that weren't there. Like people on bicycles, my usual.

So off the road at Ken's lodge, pull my boots off, grab a pillow from the bunk, throw it on the passenger seat, flop across the doghouse (engine cover), and die.

6 hours later, wow!, I woke up IN the bunk, undressed, between the sheets, at Gunther's lodge at Muncho Lake. Mile 463! Nothing made sense. Remembered lying down, but that's all.

Got dressed, went inside and asked who drove my truck in last night. What? We watched you pull in, turn the dome light on, set the throttle, get out and go to the back of your trailer to water your mule, get back in, shut the light off, and go to bed. Oh Lord!

To this day I don't remember driving those 80 miles. Thankfully these days there are checks and balances, like log books and hours of service audits, but back then it was like the Wild West. As scary as it is to now think of some of the stunts I pulled, and got away with, I'm not only glad I survived them, but thankful for the lessons learned. Lessons that allowed me to become a driver that put over 4 million miles on, and retire with a good name and wonderful memories.

Stop by tomorrow for some funnies sent to me by my little babushka. Sunday, if the weather is decent, I'm going to head up into the mountains and take some pictures and DVs.

Oh, before I forget, Boop's surgery is scheduled for Oct. 27th. Keep the good thoughts.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Morning folks. Yesterday I talked about how you have to stay sharp to avoid taking a big hit in the wallet. Today's tale will show some of the dangers out there.

For this trip we'll use the Peterbilt that happens to have a CAT engine, or what I call, my Purple Pussy Powered Peter Puller. (Settle down Trace!)

I had hauled a load of hangin' beef, from Red Deer AB, down to Hyrum UT. *That term comes from the sides hanging by a hook through the tendons from the roof of the trailer*. Got unloaded, steamed the trailer out, and headed for Nogales, Mexico for a load of produce back to Edmonton AB. (The home of my little Babushka!)

Because I had lots of time I was staying off the big road (Interstate) and was using a skinny road (2-lane) to be able to enjoy the scenery.

I was driving along, late at night, in northern Arizona, when I heard over the cowboy radio (CB), "hey southbound, you copy?" I grabbed the mike, told him to go ahead, and listened as he told me about a pick-up that had been following him for quite a while but that he couldn't see any more. Big whup!, the guy probably turned off. He then asked if I came upon it if I would stop and see if they needed help. WHAT?

Then it hit me. I hadn't met any traffic, so who was I talking to? Because the land was flat there the lights at the top of the trailer could be seen from a long way off. I had an idea what was coming, and sure enough, in less than a mile, there was the pick-up with a guy standing beside it.

As I pulled up I let on like I was going to stop, but had the truck in a gear that, with an empty trailer, would allow me to get out of there quickly.

Not only was there a guy standing, but his buddy was crouched down on the far side of the pick-up that I could see from being up high in the truck.

Just as he started to walk towards my side of the road I punched the throttle, buried him in smoke, and hauled ass!

I'm sure it was them I was talking to on the radio, and I'm also sure if I had stopped and got out of the truck the best that might have happened would be losing my truck. The worst would have been being found dead along the road. I'm not being overly dramatic, hijackings happen all the time, sometimes with dire consequences.

From the kind comments yesterday, and at the risk of wearing out my welcome, I'll take you on another trip tomorrow. Hope you're all doing well.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Morning folks. As you can tell by the picture below, I'm in the mood to go truckin'. So hop in, sit down, hang on, and shut up, because we've got a long way to go, and a short time to get there.

Today I'll tell a story about how, no matter what line of work you're in, you've got to be aware that there is always someone around that will screw you over if you're not careful.

I had unloaded a load of newsprint in Santa Fe NM and when I called in empty was told to head for Galveston TX, as hard as I could, for a load of bananas to bring back to Vancouver. So head down, ass up, I did my raped ape act.

Made it down there in record time, loaded the monkey pickles right off the ship, weighed the truck, and signed the paperwork. Whether it was from being super tired, or just particularly stupid that day, that's where I almost made a financially fatal mistake.

First a little history. Bananas will not ripen until they have been gassed. They have to be maintained at 58F, or 36F if they were gassed on board ship for delivery to stores that don't have a warehouse.

My mistake was made when I asked what temperature, was told 36F, and didn't make him write that on the bills.

All the way up I faithfully defrosted the unit, as the chart showed, every 4 hours. Made it up in good time, and was standing on the dock at the warehouse when the receiver said "I hope you like bananas, because we can't accept this load". I knew almost immediately I'd been set up.

They had been held at that low temperature for so long that they were beyond ripening. You can imagine where my stomach was by now. Now the fun starts.

Luckily the insurance adjuster believed me, because the company was going to charge me for 44,000 pounds of bananas. Their attitude was, prove they told you that, and my attitude was prove they didn't!

Working with his counterpart in TX, the adjuster learned that there had been a couple of our drivers in there that had mouthed off and made asses of themselves, and believed the shipper was teaching us a lesson. WHEW! But a good lesson learned. Oh, and that was the last load I hauled for that @#$ company. To show what jerks they were, when I applied at the next company they gave me a glowing reference. It was all about keeping their insurance rates down.

Hope this didn't bore you out of your gourd, because I'd like to get back to these kinds of posts, and get away from the health issues.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Morning folks. I've mentioned before, many times in fact, how much strength I get from being able to share things on here with you, my "blog family". But you guys are amazing!

What with my ongoing struggle with Timmy, worrying about Boop, and finally accepting that I am where I am, I've not been real proud of my efforts on here lately. In fact I've toyed with the idea of giving it up, but then once again you guys come through for me.

It took some effort this morning to open my page and dare to read the comments, in part because I haven't been answering them, as I always enjoyed doing, and also thinking, aww, who cares. Well, I found out who cares, and am almost ashamed for thinking that way.

For a guy who, up until now, never found a hill too steep to climb, I'm not the least hesitant to admit that you guys are leveling out this one for me, and for that I thank you!!

I don't fully understand what this blasted tumor is doing to me to cause getting "the blues" once in a while, but I can't stress enough the boost I get from knowing that you accept me as I am.

An hour ago I couldn't have cared less whether the sun rose this morning or not, but now, thanks to you, I'm ready to kick some butt! I'll probably end up going back to bed for an hour or so, but it will be with a renewed spirit. Since I can't do it physically I am, at the moment, giving you all a big ol' cyber hug. Continue to walk with me in this, the autumn of my life.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Morning folks. Since this is our Thanksgiving Day up here in Lotus Land, sometimes referred to as Cana-duh! by you Murcans, I had the little lady roast up a small bird, since I wasn't RSVPed from all of the invitations I didn't send out. (That sentence is far too long, and far too stupid, but hey, that's the mood I'm in.)

Other than that bit of tomfoolery, all is well here. With the family being spread out these days it will be quiet around the ol' El Rancho No Gotto this year. Boop offered to cook dinner for those of us still here in town but we talked her out of that. Her health is far more important to us than that.

She should learn on Wednesday when her surgery is scheduled, we hope, so until that happens she's under orders from us to rest up. As if she'll listen!

This post is a good example of what Mom used to tell me, namely, if you don't have anything to say, BE QUIET! But I just wanted to pop in and say Hi, and with that done I'll bid you all a good day.

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Morning folks. L'il Bear has been feeling a bit neglected lately so I've let him bring a few of friends along today. It's said that you should never follow an animal on "stage", so all I'll add is, AWW, AREN'T THEY CUTE!

These, and so many others, can be found at this wonderful site. Hope your weekend is going well for you. See ya tomorrow.

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Perfect Shot

A guy stood over his tee shot for what seemed an eternity; looking up, looking down, measuring the distance, figuring the wind direction and speed. He was driving his partner nuts. Finally his exasperated partner says, "What's taking so long? Hit the blasted ball!"

The guy answers, "My wife is up there watching me from the clubhouse. I want to make this a perfect shot."

"Forget it, man. You don't stand a snowball's chance in *!#" of hitting her from here!"

Enjoy Your Game

Four married guys go golfing over the weekend and on Sunday during the 3rd hole the following conversation ensued.

First Guy: "Man, you have no idea what I had to do to be able to come out golfing this weekend. I had to promise my wife that I will paint every room in the house next weekend."

Second Guy: "That's nothing, I had to promise my wife that I will build her a new deck for the pool."

Third Guy: "Man, you both have it easy! I had to promise my wife that I will remodel the kitchen for her." They continue to play the hole when they realized that the fourth guy has not said a word. So they ask him. "You haven't said anything about what you had to do to be able to come golfing this weekend.

What's the deal?" Fourth Guy: "That's easy! I just set my alarm for 5:30am. When it goes off, I shut off my alarm, give the wife a poke and say, 'Golf Course or Intercourse?' So she says, 'Wear your sweater.'"

Speaking to God

A man was speaking to God.

"God, why did you make women so beautiful?" he asked.

God said: "I did that to make you love them".

Then the man asked: "Well, God; why did you make them such good cooks?"

God said: "I did that to make you love them".

The man then asked: "But God, why did you make women so stupid?".

God said: "I did that to make them love you !

Bear Hunting

Two men went bear hunting. While one stayed in the cabin, the other went out looking for a bear. He soon found a huge bear, shot at it but only wounded it. The enraged bear charged toward him, the man dropped his rifle and started running for the cabin as fast as he could. He ran pretty fast but the bear was just a little faster and gained on him with every step. Just as the man reached the open cabin door, he tripped and fell flat. Too close behind to stop, the bear tripped over him and went rolling into the cabin. The man jumped up, closed the cabin door and yelled to his friend inside, "You skin this one while I go and get another one!"

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Morning folks. On behalf of Ms Betty Boop I want to thank you, all of you, for your kind wishes. At a time like this these seemingly small gestures mean so much to her. I had her come over yesterday and showed her your comments and it was obvious she was touched. So again, thank you!

She still has some tests to go through before surgery, but I'll keep you informed. Once the surgery is over, and she has recovered, the boys and I are chipping in to send her to Las Vegas. She's not much of a gambler, but she loves playing those 25 cent poker machines. So we're going to book her into the Bellagio and see that she has all the quarters she can spend. Maybe I should go along as an escort, and while she's frittering away the family fortune, I could cavort with the showgirls. Nah, that wouldn't be very cool, besides my cavorter ain't what it used to be. (oh, will you stop it!)

With this stuff with Boop going on, and a phone call I got last evening, it makes me realize how lucky I am. Other than a couple of horrific truck wrecks, getting my butt kicked when I deserved it, and this Timmy thingy, I've managed to get through life relatively unscathed.

The call was from my bud Ralphy telling me that a mutual friend of ours had died yesterday, on his birthday, from ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease. Even when you know it's coming, it's still hard.

Like Ralphy and I, Gary was a trucker. To say he was a big man would be an understatement. In his prime, not that long ago, he weighed about 300 lbs, yet when he passed he was just a shell of himself. Like most big men that don't seem to have to prove themselves he was a gentle giant. Gary used to call me from the road and would worry about how I was doing. Now this. See what I mean about being lucky? Godspeed my friend. You will be missed.

Sorry for the morbid tone of the last few posts, but I'm a believer in talking things out. See you tomorrow with some Saturday Chuckles, and I'll see if I can get L'il Bear to show up Sunday with his new buddy. Take care of yourselves, life can be fleeting.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Morning folks. Sometimes it seems like 2 steps forward, and 3 back. Just as I am moving forward after the latest tussle with Timmy I get word that Boop is scheduled for double radical mastectomies. Damn! After having two partials, and weeks of radiation, we had hoped it was over for her.

As a male I can't begin to understand what this must mean for her. Being the trooper she is she's handling it better than I am. When you add to that her caring for her sister who has terminal cancer, worrying about me, and being the spirit that keeps us all going, you can see why I have so much respect for her.

I hesitated telling you this, but you guys have been so good with kind wishes that I'm sure she could use some of them at this time. She has never been one to look for sympathy, but each time I tell her that you ask about her I can tell it gives her comfort.

While some don't think it's a good idea to put personal pictures up, I want you to see who I'm talking about. This was taken earlier this year when I was taking her in for radiation treatments. Even then you could see the strength in her. Although we have been divorced a long time, this is the lady who has been a major part of my life for 46 1/2 years.

I thank you in advance for any kind wishes you can send. Be assured, they will be relayed to her.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Morning folks. As a footnote to yesterday's post I would like to urge everyone, male and female, to seriously consider having a blood test to check your prolactin count. Also, in the case of males a low testosterone count could be a sign of trouble.

If I can help anyone catch this condition early it will be worth the affrontery you might feel by being advised on medical issues by a crusty ol' trucker.

Okay, enough of that, let's do a little Bush-Whackin'. When last we saw Commander Codpiece he was playing dress-up on board ship. Remember Mission Accomplished?

Well, like everything else he has touched, look what happened to the ship.

He's finally in a position where not even Daddy can save his sorry butt, but if we're not careful we'll all go down with the ship. Having a peeing contest is one thing, but when, as he says, "nukular" weapons are involved, it's time to put a stop to this farce. As Governor of Texas he brought the state to #1 in executions, and #49 in education, but that was just a warm-up to the death and destruction he has wrought in this latest game of dress-up.

Some may wonder why I go on with this, in fact I do myself, but then I think of the thousands and thousands of INNOCENT lives lost. My grandchildren are safe and sound, thankfully, but my heart breaks when I see the slaughter in Iraq. All because of this lying, bumbling coward. Bill Clinton may have had the morals of an alley-cat, but no one died when he lied.

Okay, that's my rant for the day. Sorry for getting exercised.

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Morning folks. Thanks to some well-meaning inquiries about Timmy, my cutesy name for the brain tumor I have, I'll endeavor to explain to you, as best I can, what I've learned from the doctors, and online. Keep in mind that other than living with it, I'm certainly no expert.

This tumor came from my body producing too much of the growth hormone, prolactin. So far it's benign, but in rare cases it can become malignant. I don't want to even consider that.

At the time of diagnosis, July/02, it was estimated that it had been growing for 10-12 years. That made sense to me later because that was when I started losing skin pigmentation, a condition known as Vitiligo, a side-effect of hyperthyroidism, which in turn is a side-effect of a pituitary tumor. I say later because I didn't learn of that until I researched it online. I do remember going to the doctor when I first noticed a whitish patch of skin on my hand, but nothing was done, not even a blood test. I may be wrong, but I feel that if my elevated prolactin count had been found way back then I would not be in the position I am now. Thanks doc!

The pituitary gland sends out hormonal signals to the thyroid, adrenal, testes, and other glands, to keep your system balanced. In my case, with the tumor being twice the size of the gland, it is unable to function properly, hence the sickness and pain.

The vision problems come from the tumor touching the optic nerve. I can handle blurriness occasionally, especially after being told that I'm lucky to be able to see at all. My field of vision is deteriorating, and will continue to do so unless we can shrink the tumor. So far, no luck.

As for the operation, with the tumor being against, and around, the carotid artery it was decided that they would not be able to stop the bleeding. They were going to go up through the roof of my mouth (oh joy) but after studying the CT scans, ruled that out. Also they would not be able to get it all, and I'd lose part of the pituitary gland which would bring more problems. So unless or until an extreme emergency like a severe stroke, it's just keep on keepin' on, which I'm handling fine.

I hope that this convoluted layman's explanation makes sense to you. To be fair, it's not all bad when you consider the alternative. In fact, with some effort, my life is okay, thanks in no small part to family and friends like you guys. It's amazing how much strength can be gained from simply knowing that people care about you. As for that last part, I'm not sure of where I'd be if I hadn't bought this computer and become part of this blogging community. In fact it was you that gave me the incentive to make the trip, DVs and all. For that, and other things, I thank you!

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Morning folks. Sorry for being a stranger last week but, as sometimes happens, my vision got a little wonky. Since the tumor is basically behind the right eye even the doctors are baffled why my left eye went blurry. At any rate I stayed off the 'puter for the most part and it seems to have helped. Besides, one-fingered huntin' and peckin' is bad enough without the squintin'. (I seem to be missing the g on my keyboard. heh heh) I will admit one thing though, as well as I'm handling living with Timmy, it scares the you-know-what out of me to contemplate losing my sight.

Other than stopping in to say Hi, I wanted to recommend a new site on here, especially for those who appreciate good photography. It's on my roll as vision quest.

It seems my little babushka has been hiding her light under a bushel. For someone who refers to herself as a Rocker Chick, she's turning out to be a multi-faceted person. Years on the road as Dudette and her Dance of the Seven Veils, the ability to whip up a mean-a**ed pot of borscht, and now this. Seriously, (who me?) check out her new site, she's really talented.

Hope you're all doing well. I'll try to post more often because frankly I missed it, and you guys.

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