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Friday, June 27, 2008

Morning folks. My, how time flies. In a few short days I will be half-way through my 6 months here in Clinton, then it will be back to my winter "home" in Quartzsite. To be honest, if not for the frigid winters, I would be quite content to stay here year-round. Probably just as well to have a change of scenery, but damn I like it here. Oh well.

The last time my "friend", humph, (kidding) Bill the Barber showed up he arrived without his clippers, so today I've either got to get a haircut or buy a violin. Talk about a wooly creature! Since I've got to do some shopping anyway for basics, (lobster, caviar, champagne, etc) it's not a biggie.

Although I enjoy going for a drive, the price of gas here ($6.77/gal) is a consideration. Thankfully my "baby" gets great mileage because to do just grocery shopping is 62 miles return. Groceries and very limited other shopping is 95 miles, and full shopping (Wally-World etc) is 154 miles. At the rate gas prices are increasing I don't even want to think of how much it's going to cost to get the Bear down to Arizona, but it will be about $ way!

I keep losing the connection here, so I think I'll wish you all a good weekend, and see if I can get at least this much posted. Probably see you on Monday with, hopefully, a few pictures. Stay well.

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