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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Believing, as I do, in giving credit where credit is due, I've got to give a tip o' the hat to my bud Bill the Barber this morning.

Not only is he a good friend, but by allowing me to use his fully-equipped shop, he has made my getting the Bear ready so much easier.

His place is only a 1/2 block from where the Bear is parked, so I stop there first thing each day, and we sit in the shop and just talk guy stuff. Having had an RV himself for years, he comes up with some good ideas, but more importantly, we're in a place where we can try them out. Some work, some don't, but I love puttering around with stuff like that. It's a guy thing!

When we're not doing that we're out shopping for things, because again, he has some good ideas. When I finally get to doing something on the Bear it's not long until he shows up to see how things are going. Of course by then it's time to go back to the shop, have a coffee, and talk guy stuff. heh heh

So there you have it, my idea of a friend. Here's to you Bill, you grouchy ol' fart. Hmmm, must be an echo in here, because that's what he calls me.

Wonder if this will get me a free hair-cut before I leave? Yeah right!

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