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Friday, April 06, 2007

Better give me lots of room this morning folks, because I'm struttin'. Not really, but I am feeling just a teeny bit proud of myself. After thinking some more about my theory of loosening up dirt in the barrel of the door lock with the WD-40, I decided to test what I thought might work.

So while I was waiting for the locksmith I gave it a monster shot of air with my keyboard cleaner can, and couldn't believe the crud that came out. Well now, let's do that again. Another shot of WD-40, another blast of air, put the key in, and OPEN SESAME! Worked like a damn, which was good because the locksmith never did show up.

When I finally gave up waiting for him, and returned home, there were 3 nasty messages from him on my answering machine. He claimed he waited 30 minutes for me, even though I was there all the time, and also claimed there were no RVs there. It's one thing to get lost, and not be able to find your own ass with both hands, but lipping off to me is costly.

After I straightened things out with his boss, I called the people in Arizona, gave them a blow-by-blow, and now he can whistle for his money.

By the way, make sure when you buy WD-40 you get the right stuff. This is definitely not it.

Here's a couple of pics that Bill took while following me. The first is quite calm, but it wasn't long before I got a chance to test my winter driving skills. That little storm didn't last long, just enough to make you sit up straight and pay attention.

Hope you're not getting tired of me nattering about my new hobby, because it is sure having the desired effects on my health. Been a long time since I felt useful, hell just to have tools in my hand again feels great.

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