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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Things have been going so well lately that I was due for a little blip, and although I had one yesterday, I'm kind of glad I did.

After picking up a few more small things for Big Bear I took them over and put them aboard, and while there decided to do a little Preventive Maintenance. So I grabbed a can of WD-40, found one of those red straws that are always lost, and gave every lock (11) a squirt. Next I went around and with the appropriate key worked the locks so that everything worked smoothly. Feeling like I had done my good deed for the day, I put the can away, and when I went to go back inside, el blippo showed up, because the main door wouldn't open. Try as I might, without forcing it, I could not get the door to open. GREAT!

Came back home, got the Road Assistance policy they gave me, called the 800 number, and ended up talking to a lady in Lake Havasu AZ. Not only was I pleasantly surprised to learn that this wasn't just some sales gimmick the dealer used, but that she had a record of me (address etc) and within minutes got things started.

I got a call shortly after hanging up with her from a locksmith in a town about an hour away, and because it's not an emergency, set up an appointment for tomorrow morning. He told me that his call-out fee has been looked after and that all I would have to pay is any labor and parts, which he assured me would be minimal. Damn, kind of took some of the cynic out of me.

Nicely finished talking to him when the lady called back to ensure that he had called. Double damn! Kind of restores my faith in mankind.

What I think happened is that when I gave it a squirt I loosened up some dirt in the barrel of the lock, and it jammed up inside. What I'm glad about, besides the way I was treated, is that it happened here and not way out in the boonies somewhere.

So what could have been a disaster ended up a blessing. For a few bucks I'll get a new lock and keys, and perhaps more importantly, I've learned that I'm covered in the case of a real emergency. Worth every penny!

So all in all a good day. The kind I hope you guys have. Later.

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